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6 Months Ago Today

6 months ago today I had Gastric Bypass surgery. Here is what I looked like that day:
Here is what I look like today: big difference, huh?

January 13th, 2004:
Weight: 361.5
Blood Pressure: 132/78
Measurements, Arm: 18 inches
Measurements, Waist: 57 1/2 inches
Measurements, Hips: 66 inches
BMI: 56.6
Clothing Size: 30/32 and 4 or 5X

November 24th, 2004
Weight: 255.5
Blood Pressure: 130/84
Measurements, Arm: 13 1/3 inches
Measurements, Waist: 47
Measurements, Hips: 55
BMI: 40.0
Clothing Size: 24 or 2X...sometimgs XL

Can you say WOW? I know I am wowed and I have been living it. The hardest part will be living it through the holiday snacking fest. Yikes!

I am all packed and set to take off for Southern WI. Leaving right after work. Can't wait to see my family and in thinking ahead, don't know when our next visit will be, so will be making the most of this visit. Hope the snow snaking up from the South misses us entirely.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!
A Year Ago Today: November 23, 2003:
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

We got snow! It was a snowy, chilly weekend. So we hunkered down, chilled out and stayed out of the storm.

Saturday was a busy day. I cleaned, I made a pot of chili in our NEW CROCK-POT!

I also made a yummy dish for lunch today. (More on that later) I rearranged some wall hangings so Bob could have a portrait of Jesus hanging above his bed and a calendar more conveniently located than we had it before. I also cleaned out our hall closet and got a box ready for goodwill. Finally, I got our our Christmas decorations and got everything ready for putting up today.

Today I decorated (and it looks good!) and made a yummy chicken enchilada hotdish. Itís not for the crock-pot, but I would be doing you wrong if I didnít include the recipe here.

Cut up bonelss, skinless chicken breasts into bite size pieces. Brown them in a large skillet. (I browned them with a little taco sauce for flavor and zing.) Once they are browned, add a can of Rotel tomatoes with chilis (I used mild because I am a whimpy Minnesotan.), a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of cream of chicken soup (I didnít have cream of Chix soup, so I used chicken gumbo.drained), a quarter cup of milk and bring to a boil. Then, grease a 9x6 pan and layer it with Nacho Cheese Doritos. Spoon soup/chix mixture over the doritos. Cover this with taco cheese and relayer everything one more time. Cover and refridgerate over night. Then bake in a 375 oven for 30-35 minutes and enjoy the yummiest hotdish ever!

I also got my knitting out again for the first time since Sweet Baboo was in the hospital in March. Itís fun, but now I need yarn.

I plan to string some popcorn later for the birds, and Thatís our weekend. Cozy, warm, homey and productive.

*************************************** About A Year Ago Today: November 25, 2003: Pork Chops and Applesauce...Gee Thatís Swell!

Todayís evening meal is being cooked in our new crock-pot. Itís pork chops and itís the easiest recipe in the world. Pour 1 can of cram of mushroom soup into the crock-pot. Place pork cops in bottom and cover with another can of cream of mushroom soup. Cover and cook on warm for 6-8 hours. Mmmmm.

Sweet Baboo went to visit the nursing home today. His friend Jim is there due to a stroke he had in March 2002. He is paralyzed from his nose down. He can feel and sense everything but canít move anything on his own. He communicates by blinking and eye movements. Anyway, SB goes there a couple of times a month to visit him and to visit the other friends he has made there along the way. He brings his Bible and reads to them and prays for them and just reaches out as a friend and encourages them. They LOVE his visits and he always has a gift for someone and a kind word for all. I can totally see him pursuing a career in the chaplaincy or as a church visitation pastor. He has the knack.

Our apartment management notified us that we could move from our 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom in Feb or March, but we first need to see if SBís chair can move through the halls and doorways as they donít have any accessible 2-bedrooms. I think it should be OK as our neighborís son has a wheel chair and they live in a 2-bedroom. The only real prohibition would be the cost. To add a bedroom and some space would mean upping the rent we pay about $140.00. That hurts. SB is looking into making his partial SSI disability payments into full disability payments and that might help. We could put that towards a house, but we talked about it and the apartment really meets his needs quite well. If we went house hunting, we are pretty sure we would be priced out of the kind of house we need for him. We decided to pray on it and see what happens. If there is one thing we have learned, itís that God surely does supply all our needs. If we get the go ahead to move, we will have the provision to afford the upped cost.

I finished knitting a scarf for my niece, crocheting a washcloth and am starting another washcloth today. I am also teaching a co-worker to knit a scarf for her friend. I hope that goes OK. I found out that the place where I take knitting lessons has lessons on knitting mittens in January. I really want to take those. I also want to take lessons on how to make a hat. That way I can learn to knit a whole winter warm-up set. Fun! My boss was impressed with my knitting and said next year I should knit something for the United Way silent auction. It would be even better if I had a hat and mittens to throw into the mix, so I will see.

Thatís about all thatís going on here. Work is busy, but the rest of life is slow right now. Thank God for small favors and thank you for reading.

PS...I forgot to tel you about the dream I had. In it, I was at some kind of flea market or giant garage sale. I was nude. People were trying to find my clothes, but nothing fit because I was (am) so large. I was thoroughly embarrassed, not because of being naked, but because I couldn't fit into anything. I woke up all full of anxiety...not a good way to start the day.

8:48 a.m. - Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004


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