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What We Did For Thanksgiving

Julia Roberts had her twins. Finneas and Hazel. Seriously. What is wrong with celebrities? We should pass a law that no celebrities can name their own children. The last few celebrity babies have been named Apple, Cocoa, Finneas and Hazel. Sheesh!
Thanksgiving was a very nice time. Unfortunately, it was spent separated from my dear, darling husband. His health was such that traveling and visiting family was not condusive. So, after discussing it, we decided I would go visit my family anyway and he would stay here.

I got off work at 3pm on Wednesday, came home and packed up the truck and was on the road by 3:30. The traffic was bad, but I think I missed the most horrible traffic by about 30 minutes. The Crosstown was slow going, but at least it was moving. I went home by way of Hwy 52 South through Rochester to I-90 through LaCrosse. Smart choice. By the time I got to Cannon Falls, I heard that traffic headed East on I-94 was backed up from 3M in St. Paul to the Lowery Hill Tunnel in Minneapolis. Yeah, I'm glad I went the way I went.

I got to my mom's house by 9 and started our laundry right away, called my husband and was relaxing by 9:30. Mom and Dad were out when I arrived but were home by 10 and we were able to sit and chat for about a half hour before bed. I got most of our laundry done before I went to bed around midnight or 1.

The next day was Thanksgiving and since we weren't eating until about 5, it was laid back and mellow and felt really good.

I talked to Bob about 3 times a day and missed him terribly, but he was well taken care of here. 2 friends stopped by with leftovers for him and he shared with some of the guys at the gas station who weren't able to get to be with their families.

Mom's dinner was fabulous. We were joined by my brother, sister-in-law, nephews and 2 families from their church. It was a very nice time of fellowship, food and family.

I had a taste of everything offered and that's about it. No gorging on turkey and mashed potatoes for me. Just about a tablespoon of everything which filled me up pretty quickly.

We had the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (hotdish, in MN), a yummy cranberry fluff, creamed corn, rolls, gravy, and I think that might be it. It was all so good.

On Friday, Mom and I went shopping, but we didn't do the early morning door buster thing. We got up when we got up and left around 10 or so. We only stopped at a couple of stores. I bought my eldest nephew his birthday present to leave at Mom's and got a good deal on it since it was part of the 6-11 am doorbuster deals and it was not quite 11 when we checked out. Score! Mom got a good deal on a Nesco cooker for next year's feast.

Friday night was spent at my brother's house with his family and that was a nice treat.

Saturday was the day I chose to leave. I hate battling the Sunday traffic home and I was missing my husband. Plus, it's nice to have a day to recoup at home before having to go to work.

I packed up the truck in the rain. Everything had to be covered in plastic since we have an open bed in our pick up truck. On the way out of town, I stopped at a friend's house for a quick visit, but was on the road by 2. It rained/snowed/sleeted almost the whole way home. Traffic was heavier than I thought it would be. What is WITH drivers who insist on driving in the left hand lane? Even worse, what is WITH drivers who switch to the left hand lane 2 car lengths before I reach them? It drives me crazy. Even worse are the people who switch lanes without using their signal right before I reach them, forcing me to slam on my brakes in iffy weather. They don't know if the roads are slippery or not and yet they drive in such a manner that I am forced to brake and possibly slide across the road. Hate that!

I made it home in 1 piece and was able to hug and love on my husband and unpack before bed. Yay.

Yesterday we both tried to sleep in but were up pretty early. In fact, I don't think Bob slept that night at all and just stayed up. I priced all my dishclothes (all 40!) and put them away so the cats couldn't get into them.

Around noon I head out to get more cotton chenille and some groceries. The snow from the day before was still on the ground, but the sidewalks and roads were just wet and melting.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, watching the Vikings game (Go Vikes! Whoo hoo!) and crocheting. Oh! And we got to visit our neighbor's 2 week old baby. He is sooo cute! So tiny, but so perfect. I got to hold him for a good long time and he was a perfect angel. This family is originally from Mexico and there are now 5 of them living in a 1 bedroom apartment. And they make it work. Their apartment is small, but not overly cluttered or stuffed.

So, it was a good holiday overall. Though I admit that the visit with my family was just too short. We don't know when we will get to see each other again, though I will probably see my brother and his family in January, but don't know when we'll see my mom and dad again. I don't like being as far away from my family as we are.

If we lived closer, Bob would probably be able to handle the travel and we would probably get to see my family a little bit more.
This week promises to be a crazy week. The craziness doesn't start until Wednesday, but once it starts, it is nonstop through the weekend.

Wednesday night is the set up for Kathy's boutique. Thursday night is more boutique. Friday night is a dinner party at my boss's house for all my co-workers and our spouses. Saturday is boutique AND an open house at our realtor's where we will be getting our free Christmas tree. Sunday is church and the MDA Christmas party and then we will set up our Christmas decorations in our home. And....breathe. Whew!

I can't wait until the boutique! I have crocheted my heart out and hope the dishclothes are a hit. I already sold 4 to my mom, so...hey!

The crappy thing is I awoke this morning with a tender throat. I am going to rebuke the start of this cold, if that's what this is and not even accept it's attempt to take over my body. This is NOT the week for a cold, so I refuse to accept it. No way, no how, nuh uh!

Hope you had a fabulous holiday. Though ours was spent apart, we did have an enjoyable holiday weekend. Can you believe December is this week already? Seems unbelievable. My nephew will be 10 next week and I'll be 37 the week after. The week after that is Christmas. It all goes by so fast. I hope 2005 brings some fun and surprises.

*************************************** About A Year Ago Today: November 28, 2003: Let's Give Thanks

I donít feel so good. I woke up Wednesday with a stuffy nose and achy throat and that turned into a full-blown cold. I hate colds. I canít sleep, I canít eat and I just end up sitting and feeling miserable. I hate colds more during the holidays. Although I did do OK yesterday at Sweet Baboo's family shin dig.

Happy Thanksgiving! I woke up around 4:30 yesterday morning because of the cold. I watched a little TV, made some carmel sticky rolls (which I forgot is the kind my husband doesnít like.) and when they were done, I cooked my cheesy potatoes. I ended up going back to bed around 8am and waking up again at 10:30. Then I had a long talk with my mom and dad by phone. It was really nice to chat and catch up with them. I miss them a lot.

Then SB and I took showers and got ready to go. We got to Sis-in-law's around 2 and enjoyed the fellowship of his family. On the way, SB saw a group (gaggle? flock? team?) of wild turkies. They were in the open, just milling about. It was kind of cool. He had never seen wild turkies because and was very excited.

We got to SIL's OK and were able to park in the part of the driveway where there wasnít a lot of snow or ice. I was kind of nervous for him once we got inside though, because SIL lives in a split level and the main floor is upstairs. SB is not so good with stairs, but he did OK. Once up, he didnít have to go back down again until it was time to leave.

Because I wasnít feeling so hot, I mostly sat off the side and crocheted or knitted. I made my mother-in-law a dish cloth and she seemed to really like it. I like making those as gifts because they are quick to do and are really useful in the kitchen. I love mine.

Mostly, we chatted, we ate, we teased and talked...I took some photos. It was a good time. I was really ready to leave when 7 rolled around.

We got home around 8, watched some TV and I went to bed before 10.

I didnít sleep so well last night either. Got up around 3, watched TV, went back to bed around 5 and got up to go to work at 8:30. Yes, Thatís right, I had to work today. Itís a short day, but one I would have much rather spent in bed or just lazing about our apartment with glazed over eyes and a Kleenex box at hand.

We did get fed at work today though. They brought in Chinese food for the gang and it was good.

As fun as yesterday was, we forgot to do the simple thing of going around the table/room and telling what we are thankful for. Since I was prepared to do that yesterday, I will do it here instead.

1.) The number one thing I am thankful for is my husband. This spring was a scary for me as I realized how close I came to losing him. I am thankful for another holiday and another year to spend with my Sweet Baboo.

2.) I am also thankful for the doctors that he sees on a regular basis, as well as the MDA who helps us to navigate this confusing world of Muscular Dystrophy.

3.) I am thankful for both of our famillies. We both have wonderful and amazing families who have been by our sides, supporting and loving us every step of the way since we met.

4.) I am thankful for our church and the people there who have been more than wonderful towards us. We always feel most at home at Life Church.

5.) I am thankful for my new job at Big Bank Co. They treat their employees really well and I am fortunate to be here.

6.) I am thankful for the place that we live in. Itís cozy and warm and is exactally right in meeting SB's accessibility needs.

7.) I am thankful for the garage stall that our neighbor gave us when her van died. Now I have a place to park my car this winter where I won't have to scrape and shovel before I leave for work.

8.) I am thankful that I live in this country. That I was born an American. That I can experience freedom and democracy in action.

9.) I am thankful for the technology that allows me to keep an online journal, send letters and instant messages to far off friends and family and allows me to do it from the comfort of my own home.

10.) I am thankful for my little kitties, Maisey and Daisy.

11.) Finally, I am thankful for my faith in God and in His Son and the love they have for me. Thankful too that God's time is not mine and He is infinitely so much more patient with me than I am with myself.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks for Reading.

6:08 a.m. - Monday, Nov. 29, 2004


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