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Feeling Like Crap Today

Oh I feel like crap today. Full head? Check. Headache? Check. Earache? Check. Sore throat? Check. Stuffy nose? Check. Achy and tired? Check. I was in bed and asleep before 9 last night. This does not bode well. This is my busy week. Arg!
I forgot to write about one of my favorite moments during my trip home. Mom and I were shopping at Walgreens. She moved beyond where I was to do some of her own brousing while I tried to make a decision on something I was looking at. Once I had decided, I went to find her. I did find her, but she looked right through me. I said, "Mom!" And she began to laugh. "I didn't recognize you!" she said. I've lost so much weight even my own mother doesn't recognize me anymore. Hee!
It was my mother in law's birthday yesterday and we didn't get a card off to her until this morning. Sorry! Happy belated birthday MIL!
So our plans for Florida keep coming together. Yesterday I found a rental car through Alamo. We reserved a Pontiac Grand Prix for $160 for the week! We thought that was a pretty good deal. I went to the Orlando airport website to find out which rental places have offices right at the airport and Alamo does. There was a link to a place that rents handicapped accessible vans and I thought we would have it made. But that place charges $100 a day plus taxes and fees to rent one of their vehicles. That was an easy decision to make. $700 or $160? No-brainer. We will bring Bob's folding manual wheelchair and use that. We waivered when we saw we could rent a Sebring for about $50 more. But this is a belt tightening vacation and not an extravagent trip. There will be more trips where we will be able to rent a convertable. This isn't that trip.
Do you watch The Amazing Race? If you do, then you know these people. They just get more and more annoying, the more I get to know about them. The Amazing Race is on tonight! Of course it's on opposite of Veronica Mars, so I have to watch one and tape the other. Still, I recommend you check out The Amazing Race, even if it is only to make fun of Jonathan and Victoria, media whores.
In 14 days I will be 37. I'm not handling this birthday very well. It's not that I don't like being in my 30's. I do. I really like my 30's. But in 3 years I will be....40! 40! I can't wrap my head around that number. 40! 40! 40! How can I be 40 in three years? It seems like I just learned to drive. I JUST graduated from high school, right? I JUST turned 21, 25, 30. And I haven't finished the stuff I was supposed to finish before I turned 40. I still have 3 years, so we'll see what happens, but I thought I would have children before I turned 40. I thought I would have my college degree by the time I turned 40. I may actually be able to accomplish that goal though as I will be starting school in April or May. I should own my own home before I'm 40, right? How is it that I will be 40 in 3 years? I am barely out of leg warmers, pegged jeans and shaker sweaters. I can't be 3 years away from 40. Maybe I'll just focus on being 37. I should throw myself a party with some good friends, good food and good fun. Yeah, 37 will be good.

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