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Is It April Yet?

No one (Read ANDREW) has responded to my queary as to why my diary's Super Gold membership was turned off before December 13th. I am almost sure that is the date I started writing this thing. So, until they answer or the cash falls from the great money tree in our backyard, I am back to a regular old diary. Again, if you so desire, you can leave comments by clicking the "notes" "guestbook" or "contact" headings from the sidebar on the left.

I have made THE BEST decision to change jobs from the phone team to the data team. No longer will I be tied to the phone or the blinking red "calls waiting" light. Yahoo! No longer will I be resentful of my fellow call team members because I am taking call after call while they lollygag in "make busy" land. This is the best decision I ever made. And my boss and fellow data team members are so happy for the change as well. A new girl had been hired almost 3 months ago to replace someone else who switched jobs. But this new gal is not really working out all that great. She is slow to pick up all the nuances of the job and sometimes it seems as though she really isn't even trying. She is slow in her entry of all data received and while that works just fine now, come IRA season in March and April, it just won't fly. I wish my boss would just cut bait on this gal since it seems they have really done all the can to show her the ropes and inpart to her the importance of her job and she still can't keep up. But who knows...maybe she is just on the slow side and things will pick up after the first of the year. Anyway, my boss is happy she doesn't have to hire anyone else to replace the gal that's leaving in 2 weeks because I'm taking that job. She just has to hire someone to replace me at my job and that's a lot easier to do. Whoot!

Tomorrow I need to mail my brother's (hi Huff!) birthday card/gift off so it arrives by Tuesday. Alert readers will know that yes, that is also the day of my birth low some 37 years ago. Yes, my dear brother was born on my 2nd birthday. People ask me what that's like and since I don't know any different, it's fine. My parents did a really great job in making sure we had seperate celebrations and always felt as though we were each thoroughly birthday'd. In fact, I think it was great because we never had to deal with birthday party or gift jealousy since we both got a party and gifts and cake and such. So, if you can manage or arrange it, I recommend you have all your children born on the same day. And Happy Birthday 5 days early, Huff!

Have you ever gotten to the point where you hate money and hate getting the mail? I know money doesn't bring happiness, but at this time in my life, I would like to have the experience to test that saying out for myself. I feel like we are trying to stop the tidal wave with bandaids. I know that reading about people's money woes online is boring and unstimulating, but I have write some of this out in order to stem the anxiety that's building up. Things might by tight now, but by March and April, I could be working 12 hour days and making some fabulous overtime. That doesn't help us out now, in the season of Christmas gift buying or for our unfortunately scheduled "free" vacation in January, but in April, we will be safe as kittens. Just 4 months to go.

OK on to something different. ********************SPOILERS***********
Did you watch LOST last night? Oh my goodness! I can't tell you how much I like this show. Every week it just sucks me in. And can you say character investment? When Kate and Jack came across Charlie hanging in the woods, I just burst into tears. Seriously. Like it's all real and I know the guy. It was amazing! I am bummed that next week is reruns already. But maybe it will be a good way to see it all from the beginning knowing what we know now. If you haven't seen the show before, next week is your week to see the first 2 hours and see what all the fuss is about. I highly recommend checking it out.

************************************** A Year Ago Today: December 09, 2003: In a Funk

I wrote a new entry...I lost it and now Iím too mad and too frustrated to write it all over again. Most of it had to do with Average Joe. It snowed 5 inches here today and Itís pretty and clean and white. Now comes the bitter cold. And the sun sets at 4:30pm here. Blech. I hate the dark part of winter.

I am feeling blah. Just trying to get through this week. Itís living day by day now folks. Not sure what Itís going to take to break the funk, but my funks always break, although I do love the freshly fallen snow in the evening. Mmmmm. Thankfully, we have a snugly warm apartment. I am going to light some candles, turn on the tree and just listen to Christmas music tonight. Peace on Earth indeed.

6:31 a.m. - Thursday, Dec. 09, 2004


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