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It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday Huff!

It's my birthday today. Today, Tuesday, December 14th. I was born this day 37 years ago. I think I was born around 10:30am, but I don't remember what day I was born on. Hee. We don't have any real exciting things planned today. I am taking a plate of cookies to work and Bob is taking me out to dinner tonight. You can tell you are getting older when your birthdays become more low key.

I'm still in the midst of training at work and it's going fairly well. I think my new job will be trail by fire as the gal who I'm replacing has her last day on Friday. There are 3 of us who do the data entry and keying and calling on the annuity applications. One of the 3 of us is me, another of the 3 of us has been having difficulities learning the job and isn't very strong still on what to do, even though she's been at it for over 90 days. The last of the 3 of us has been doing the job for several years and really knows her stuff but she is going to be gone all next week and part of the week following. The gal that supervises us was due to have a baby on Dec 6th but still hasn't had it. But we all expect her to be gone by next week. And our boss is going to be gone the last week of the month/year. So, it certainly shall be challenging, though not impossible since I already have a relationship with many of the agents I will be in contact with and I know the ins and outs of the annuities we sell.

But I am so glad for the change. Even though I will be doing double duty until after the first of the year and the end of the year may be super stressful, I am glad for the change in the long run because I have just been so frustrated with the people on my team. For instance, yesterday I was training and another call team member was out. So the call team was short 2 people and yet one of the gals on the call team spent the morning on the phone talking to her husband, daughter, furnace repairman, bank, and catalog company. How do I know this? Because where my new desk is, is in the middle of the room and I can see and hear pretty much everything. I suspected this gal of not holding her own on the phones, but now I know for sure she isn't. She wasn't on the phone taking calls until well after 10am. She really has this prima dona attitude about who she is and what she should be doing. She is definitely NOT a team player. She is in it for herself. She clocks in at 8, takes her lunch exactally at noon, comes back sometime after 1...whenever she feels like it...and clocks out exactally at 5. She rarely goes above and beyond for anyone else.

And I have been feeling resentful and angry about her and others on our team that act as though it is my or other call team members problem to take the calls or to stay late and come in early. And I have been trying to work through that. I don't like who I am when I feel so resentful. I don't like the martyr complex I seem to be developing. I don't like how I am monitoring the calls to see who is taking them and who isn't. All of this contributes to why I have changed jobs within my area and I hope it helps contribute to a better me in the long run.

If I had my Gold Membership, I would post some photos...but that will have to wait. One of my friends sent me some clothes (Hi Jenn!) and though the pants are still too small, the shirts and sweaters fit beautifully. What a nice surprise. Thanks so much!

6:16 a.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2004


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