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The Baby Has Been Born

The gal at work had her baby! A girl, born near 7pm last night. They named her Grace. I am going to see her tonight and can't wait!

Today is going somewhat better than yesterday. The phones aren't as busy and we are only down 2 people today. Plus we had a holiday potluck and there was lots and lots of yummy food for lunch.

From the comments: my brother, Huff, is quite the commedian. I do NOT, in fact hang out in cigar bars. The constant cough I have been facing is a direct result of the non-filtered cigarettes I've been smoking lately. Just kidding! I've never actually smoked a cigarette and the thought of taking up smoking now makes my throat and chest just ache! Bah!

Only 2 1/2 hours until this day is DONE! And tomorrow is Friday, thank God above.

*************************************** A Year Ago Today:December 16, 2003: Have You Checked the Children?

Today I had to attend my company's diversity training. It was OK...not much of anything I hadn't heard before. I do like the trainings though, as it allows me to meet new people within the company. Today I met Judy, whose husband knows a life lived with pain due to his battle with chronic arthritis. Also, they have 2 cats! I also met Rusha, an outgoing gal my age who is new to the company. And I met a lady whose name I forgot who has a very mild form of MD (small world). Many of the people in my training session today work in the same department as the fabulous sister-in-law who helped me get this job. Some day I will have to cruise over to their office to see where they all work.

After training, I put in 2 hours of overtime working the phones and then headed for home.

There's not really a lot going on right now with Sweet Baboo and I, so it doesnít seem like there is a lot to write about. Basically we are riding out the month of December with all the family gatherings and whatnot and are looking forward to a new year. Hopefully 2004 will bring some good changes with it. For sure we are going to look into getting SB his own brand new wheel chair and I am looking forward to learning more about WL surgery.

I could tell you a story from my past...and hope it isnít one I've used before. Did I ever tell you about the time I thought I was going to get kicked out of college? (Hi Jen!)

There was a girl who lived on the same floor as me and my friends did. I canít remember if she was a freshman when I was a Sophomore or Junior...I think I was a Junior. Anyway, she was very odd. I canít describe her personality and actions without sounding like the world's biggest jerk, so I'll just say that me and my friends didnít get along with her, nor did we like her and we made fun of her behind her back...often. (I was a brat in college.) One night, we noticed that she had left a message on her dry/erase board. It said something about how she wasnít home, she was babysitting and if anyone needed to get a hold of her, here was the number where she could be located. (ah the days before cell phones.) We thought it was hysterically funny that she would post a number where she could be reached as we could not imagine anyone wanting to call her at the dorm, let alone at some stranger's house. So we decided to prank call her.

My friend called first and when this gal answered, she said in a scary, whispery voice, \"Have you checked the children?\" and then hung up. We laughed and laughed over how freaked out this girl must be.

My friend called her one more time within about a half an hour to an hour's time.

Later, as we were goofing off or talking or eating pizza or something, my friend suggested we call her again, but that this time, I make the call. I was nervous and sure she would recognize my voice, but was game to try it. So I called, but the line was busy and it continued to be busy for quite some time. Finally, I managed to get through and said in a whispery, scary voice, \"I smell blood!\" and hung up.

Well, we had our laugh and thought it was over.

Not to be. It turns out this chick was freaking wigged. She was babysitting for a police officer and after the first call, she called some guys from school to come and be with her so she didnít have to be alone. After the second call, she called the police officer and his wife and after the third call, the police themselves were called and it was mentioned that perhaps the line should be tapped. They didnít know if it was someone threatening the police officer, the babysitter or what, so they weren't going to take chances. If we had called again, we would have been so busted!

But Itís better. The next morning, I slept in and blew off my classes. As I was getting up and getting ready for lunch, my friend about busts down my door and is frantic! It seemed the campus was crawling with cops! We were both so scared. I remember going for a walk with my friend and we just walked and walked and walked, trying to rid ourselves of the fear of expulsion, plus the fact that if we were found out, we would be known as mean, vindictive women and maybe ostrasized for our prank.

Our fear was unfounded though. We found out later that the reason there were cops on campus was beacuse some guy had stabbed his roommate overnight and they were there investigating that. Whew! But I have to say, I think we kept our pranking to a minimum after that. It was the scardest (shut up! Itís a word!) that I have ever been after doing something I knew I probably shouldn't have done. my comments, tell me your story!

Thanks for reading.

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