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Sitting Down to Catch My Breath

Hey All. We are fine. Our weekend was busy, but good.

Friday night I took some money out of our Florida fund and went to get Christmas presents with it. Did pretty well too. I make shopping a game and see what kind of bargains I can find. I got home and wrapped everything before having a small glass of wine and hitting the hay.

Saturday I got up around 9, got dressed and ran some errands. I had wanted to get over to my work in order to move from my old cube to my new cube, but alas, time was not on my side. I got home in time to shower and get ready for Bob's family Christmas.

When we got there, Bob's parents were there and other than them, we were the first to arrive. (They were staying at the home of Bob's sister where the Christmas shin dig was happening.) Not too much longer, the whole kit and caboodle arrived, filling a tiny house with fun, laughter, family and friends. It was a nice time and I scored some shiny red satin jammies and some amazingly red slippers. After I had opened the jammies, someone made a comment about getting some satin sheets to which Bob replied that wouldn't work for him since he already has a problem with traction and I never was so embaressed. But I got over it and we had a lovely time. Oh! And my youngest neice and nephew didn't recognize me! My nephew asked me what I did to my hair and my neice figured out it was me only after seeing Bob and putting 2 and 2 together. Hee!

We slept in Sunday and got up in time to shower and get ready for my family Christmas. Again, we were among the first to arrive, but we had a nice time chatting and catching up. The food was amazing and the fellowship with family very pleasant. We got home from that party around 6:30 and I dropped Bob off and I headed over to a graduation party for a friend/co-worker. I was the official photographer and had a blast. The food was fabulous there too. I ended up getting home around 10 and staying up until 11.

This morning I got up early and headed into work early so I could move cubes. I left around 6:15 and stopped to get a chai at Caribou with one of my gift cards. When I came out of Caribou, it was sleeting/freezing raining. When I got to work, I could hear the wind whipping the ice crystals against the windows.

I managed to get my cube all moved and rearranged by 8 and started in on my new job. It was slow going and I ended up staying until 7 to get everything done so I am ready for tomorrow and for everything to start all over again. Thankfully, my boss understood and allowed me the overtime. I might take all I can this week in preparation for Florida.

Tomorrow I have my annual female maintenence exam and my last B12 shot. I am FINALLY about done coughing I think. Only little throat clearings and the occational cough show up. It will certainly make sleeping a lot easier. The bad news is now Bob seems to be coming down with it.

So, that was our weekend. God is good and we are fine. We are so thankful for a warm home with hot and cold running water, a lovely Christmas tree, 2 warm, fuzzy kitties, and each other. What are you thankful for?

*************************************** About A Year Ago Today: December 19, 2003: Friends Visiting and a Sad, Sad Story of a Girl and Her Mixer

My friend Jennie is coming to visit this weekend...yay! I have so many friends named Jen, Jenn, Jennie, Jenny, and Jennifer that my husband differeciates between them by giving them all nicknames. This friend is called \"crazy Jennie\" because of her penchant for wackiness.

Jennie and I had been talking about her coming up to visit and she mentioned coming this weekend but I didnít think we had really firmed anything up and didnít have it written in my date book. So, yesterday she sends me an email to say sheís coming up and was that OK? Yikes! Of course Itís OK, but our apartment was a pit. So right after work, I cruised home and cleaned the heck out of our place. It looks sparkly and new and oh so clean. It is now guest ready.

Even though Jennie is coming, we plan on having a low-key weekend. We will probably decorate cookies and rent videos tomorrow. Then Sunday is church and then Jennie will take off and we will head over to Sweet Baboo's brother's house for his family Christmas shin dig. This is the shin dig I have 2 1/2 scarves made for and need 4! So, knitting will be part of my weekend activities as well.


1. List your five favorite beverages.

Coke, Water, Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Cappiccino, and Chai Tea.

2. List your five favorite websites.

Television Without Pity, The Movie Spoiler,, Star Tribune, and Homestar Runner and The Onion. (These are the sites I visit opposed to the journals I read daily/weekly.)

3. List your five favorite snack foods.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, popcorn, chips with cheese/queso, Cool Ranch Dorritos, Cheetos.

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games. Balderdash, Boogle, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games. I play Text Twist at Yahoo games, Wheel of Fortune, Pinball, and Spider Solitare on our home computer.

And, to leave you, a story. When Sweet Baboo asked me to marry him lo those three long years ago, one of the first things we did after the holidays was register for wedding gifts. We went to Target and used the lovely little scanner do-hickee to scan the gifts we really, really wanted to receive. It was fun and we had a good time. We registered for things we really needed and for some things we kind of wanted, but wondered if we would actually receive them. The one thing I really, really, really wanted was a kitchen aid mixer. I had a small hand mixer, but nothing great like the Kitchenaid Mixer. Oh, I longed for the day when, at some wedding shower or at our wedding gift opening I would rip off the paper of a real live Kitchenaid Mixer! Being the person I am, I watched our online wedding registry like a hawk to see what was purchased and what still remained. Low and behold, one day there was a little check next to the Kitchenaid Mixer! Huzzah! Someone bought it for us! Yay! I spent the next couple of months salivating over the experience of opening that long awaited item. Only it never happened. You read that right, it NEVER HAPPENED! Someone took the Kitchenaid Mixer off our registry but never gave it to us, thus making it appear to every other wedding gift buyer of ours that this item was already purchased and not needed in setting up our wee new little household. And yet, after all the showers and wedding pagentry and after all the paper was torn off and gifts stacked for toting home, no Kitchenaid Mixer stood among them. *Sigh* I am still waiting for the day when I can either purchase my beloved mixer or am given one by some kind hearted, big pocketed soul. Until then I make due with my tiny little hand mixer...that doesnít have bread dough hooks...or much of anything really. *sigh*. One can only dream. The moral of this story is, donít count on your online gift registry to be the gospel according to your household needs.

Thanks for reading.

6:52 p.m. - Monday, Dec. 20, 2004


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