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Merry Christmas to All!

Well we ended up not going to see Bob's dad last night. Bob's uncle, his dad's brother ended up in the hospital on life support and the whole familiy went there to say their goodbyes. Uncle Chuck passed away early last night. Bob wasn't close with him and isn't really close to that side of the family at all, but we will be attending that funeral. We are invited to his aunt's house for Christmas tomorrow and will probably end up there at some point during the day. It will be a sad/happy time.

On Monday I gently cleaned my ear with a q-tip and as soon as I was done, I felt pain in my throat near wear I check for a pulse. I told my doctor about it the next day at my appointment and she said my lymph node felt swollen but that it was nothing to be concerned about. Well, it still hurts. Just that side. When I swallow. Blech. And Bob is feeling poorly now that my cold has been passed to him and is full blown in his chest now. Poor buddy. We are skipping watching the big game at his sister's house and will most likely miss church too, but whatever it takes for him to get/feel better.

Speaking of Bob, he is so funny! I've been asking him all month what he might want as a stocking stuffer because even though we aren't doing regular presents, we are still doing stockings because they are my favorite part. All he ever says is, "I don't need anything, I have the best present I could ask for in you, baby." Sure, it's sweet, but it won't stuff his stocking. Ooooh...that sounds dirty! Anyway, last night he says he saw some fun digital poker games at Walgreens AND he bought PEZ refills but he doesn't have a PEZ despenser. When I asked him what was up with the PEZ refills he says he was hoping to get a PEZ despenser for Christmas. Guess who had to make a trip to Wallgreen's after work this afternoon? But it's all to make the little boy who still lives in my husband's heart happy at Christmas. Love that man 'o mine.

We got off early today. First we were told we would get off at 3. Then our building closed at noon and they shut off the heat. Then the cleaning staff came through...even the lady who vacuums. So they let us go at 1. Yay! I did manage to get all my work done by noon and was mostly just twindling my thumbs by 1 anyway.

It's a whopping 13 degrees outside right now. Though it's still cold enough that my jacket sounds like crinkly paper when I'm outside walking. Then the wind kicks up and Brrrrrrr!

Right now Bob is watching and commenting on the Vikings/Packers game, I am here and there is speghetti sauce warming in the crockpot. Tonight's Christmas eve dinner is speghetti, salad, cheesey garlic toast and some nice wine later. Mmmmmmm. We are making Italian food our Christmas eve meal tradition.

What is your Christmas eve meal tradition? Share in the comments if you will.

Many blessings to you all and merry, merry Christmas.

2:08 p.m. - Friday, Dec. 24, 2004


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