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Oh Holy Night

We ended up going to late church after all and we are glad we did. It was beautiful. I love Church on Christmas eve. All merry wishing and candles and sleepy, excited children, and songs. And last night we had magical Christmas snow! Big, fat, fluffy white flakes floating silently to earth to blanket us on a chilly Christmas night.

After church we drove around and looked at lights, then it was home by midnight to toast the Christmas morn with some wine and then bed.

We awoke this morning, around 9am, to more snow and temps in the 20's! I brewed some decafe coffee (Wish I had thought to get some cinnamon rolls or make some carmel sticky rolls...but did not.) and we let the cats "open" their stockings. We got them catnip toys and they knew they were in there. It was so cute to see them poking their heads and paws in their stockings and trying to get the toys out. I'll post pictures later. So much cuteness!

Then Bob and I opened our stockings. He did good this year. He's learning. Good stocking stuffing must include at least 1 of the following: underwear, socks, toiletries of some/any kind, fragrance of some kind, chocolate, and then tiny fun things and surprises. Bob's stocking, this year had much of that...there were socks, underwear (cotton boxers with spiders and bugs on them because he is a little boy at heart and still enjoys his bugs.), shavers, Bod mens' fragrance because it's hilarious and still smelled yummy, chocolate, the Pez despensers discussed in yesterday's post, a super ball, a tiny squeeky rubber frog, frog and fish sticker books, and a texas hold'em video poker/pen combo. Oh! And I also bought him a fancy pen that Kathy's husband Thor made and stuck that in there too. He loved it!

His stocking to me included: Sunflowers fragrance, peanut butter cup minis, an ice scraper (I needed a new one), a poseable raindeer that makes me laugh, my favorite candies of Creamsavers and Treasures a Veggietales DVD and a Snow White snowglobe because I'm his Princess.

So, overall, we did alright and it was lots of fun. Bob makes me laugh and I love that about him. But his heart is so tender towards me and I hope that never changes because it melts me everytime I think about it or he shows that side to me.

Later on, I made bisquits and gravy and scrambled eggs while we watched the cats play with their catnip toys. It was a very good morning.

Later this afternoon, we are going to one of Bob's aunt's house to see his dad and that side of the family. Hopefully, it will be a nice time of reunion and Christmas joy.

Last night at church, I realized that my favoritest Christmas carol of all times is Oh Holy Night. Which is kind of funny because when my brother and I were young, I hated that song. We used to open all our family presents on Christmas Eve after church. But at that time our church had in its attendance a good, staunch Norwegian man who would always sing at the Christmas Eve service. I liked a short service because that meant getting home faster and getting to those presents. But Mr. Hannevik would sing Oh Holy Night. At the time it seemed to me that there were about 8 verses to that song and he would sing them all. Slowly. And then sing them in Norwegian. Slowly. It just seemed to take FOREVER and I grew to hate that song because it seemed as though it was all that was standing between me and my newest aquisitions. But as I grew older and became to appreciate all the things about Christmas that have nothing to do with getting and everthing to do with giving, I LOVE that song. It makes me cry just about every time I sing it. I wish Mr. Hannevik were around now adays so I could ask him to sing it to me. But as we sang it last night at church, I imagined he was in Heaven singing it too, only he was singing it with all the angels and all the hosts of Heaven to the very One this Christmas season is about. And I cried. Thank You Mr. Hannevik, for singing Oh Holy Night every year at Christmas Eve service. I wish I had known enough to appreciate it then.

Merry Christmas everyone!

1:27 p.m. - Saturday, Dec. 25, 2004


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