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Uncle Chuck's Funeral Was Today

Bob did not make it to his uncle's funeral today as he was experiencing a lot of pain this morning and needed to just chill for a while. He was really pushing it over the holidays with all the stair climbing he was doing. Last night he told me that I should have stopped him from doing that and next time, I will have to really give it to him. (Insert snort of indignation here.) Yeah, right! Getting him to do anything he doesn't want to do is impossible and he KNOWS I told him not to climb all the stairs. But now he's feeling it and it's a better lesson learned.

I took down our tree and all the decorations last night. Our tree was dropping needles like crazy and it was bugging me to death. So I whipped the boxes out of storage and went to town. I started at 6:30 and all was done and put away by 8:30. Now our apartment looks so bare. But it's clean! And the cats seem a little more relaxed.

I am going through my journal and cleaning it up too. I deleted all the photos, other than the ones of me after surgery. Now I am going through ALL my entries and deleting the links so you don't get those annoying red Xes where pictures used to be. Also, I need to clean up my archives and whatnot. It is still confounding me and maybe *SANDY* can continue to help me with that stuff. I am html illiterate.

I need to start writing my birthday/Christmas thank yous. I haven't even started. I am not motivated, but need to do this. I will set a deadline of January first. They will all be in the mail by then. Hold me to it, won't you?

I need to go on record here as saying I have never actually made lefse. You need a special pan and roller thing and tons of patience and a love of all things lefse. I don't love all things lefse...just the finished product...with butter and sugar and a little cinnamon...and maybe with a little jam in the ams. Kathy at Kitchenlogic would be the woman to see if you have specific questions about lefse and the art of making it. I would only be able to answer your questions about brown vs. white sugar and why you should NEVER put margarine on lefse. Other than that, lefse rules. Don't even talk to me about lutefisk. Bah! But you CAN talk to me about Krumkake...if what you want to know is how it tastes (yummy!) and if it's crumbley (yes) and should you always take a plate or napkin if it's offered. (Yes!) Also do not talk to me of pickled herring.

We leave for our vacation in 11 days! Whoot! Hopefully Florida will be sunny and balmy and full of fun. It will be the most frugal vacation ever, but I'll bring you back pictures so it will seem as if you were there with us.

1:25 p.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2004


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