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Not much to say since my mouth is full of crap

Why can I NOT stop eating? Behind my desk is the spot where everyone puts their holiday treats and the treats are little, bite-sized and so yummy. I only eat 1 here and there, but it is adding up and I cannot STOP! Arg. How do you people do it who can do it?

The Prima Dona was on the phone with her husband or daughter 6 times between 8 and 10 this morning. How do I know? Her cube is directly across from mine and she speaks to her family members in Russian, so it's kind of hard to miss. In fact, her cell phone is vibrating right now and she's not there. But once she gets there, she will call them back. Oops! Now her extention is ringing. Hello! Family members should know that she works in a call center...where she is on the phone alot. Now her cell is vibrating again! But she just walked back into her cube, so she picked it up. Sheesh, people! Now I'm becoming The Babysitter. Actually, The Babysitter may be coming back to our office. She has taken her series 7 and 66 tests and gotten her licenses and would now be an asset to the team. My boss wants to hire her back. Should be interesting to say the least.

Those of you who read diaries, do you ever wish you were friends with the people who write the diaries you read? I do. There are quite a few women I would be honored to consider friends. Check out their diaries and tell me you don't feel the same:
1.) Annie
2.) Yvonne
3.) Kathy
4.) Robyn
5.) Nancy
6.) Heather
7.) Gael
8.) Sandy
9.) Weet
and last, but certainly not least,
10.) Lap
I would LOVE to have any one of these women live nearby so we could go shopping or just stop by and have some coffee and a chat. I love their journals and love how they come across through their writings. They are all smart, funny, sassy and sweet women who make their world a better place. Check them out.

11:11 a.m. - Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2004


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