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Hap-py New Year!

I added weather stickers to my diary. One tells the weather in Kissimmee, Fl, where Bob and I will be a week from today. The other tells the weather in Minneapolis, where we live right now. Right now, it is sleeting/raining/snowing in Minneapolis. It was partly sunny and over 70 today in Florida. The extended forcast for Kissimmee Florida is for sunny skies and 75 to almost 80 degrees. Whoo hoo! We don't have a lot of money, but I bet we will have a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the ocean again. CAN'T WAIT!

Want to laugh? Go back to yesterday's entry and check out the photos from my youth. Funny stuff, if I do say so. What was up with the ginormous glasses from the 80's? Why did't anyone tell me it was not a good look? I am blind as a bat and can't see well enough to pick out good glasses when they just have glass in them. Sheesh. Not only were they ginormous, they were the auto darkening glasses that were so popular back then. They would darken to a brown in the sunshine and then lighten in buildings and darkness. Classy.

Bob and I had a nice new years. We stayed home, had some chicken fajitas and wine, and watched Shrek 2 before turning on Leno, Conan and New Year's Rockin' Eve. I got a little drunk because I drank my wine too fast and it hit me hard, but since we were home, I just went to bed and slept it off. Bob chuckled because he has never seen me loopy or drunk before and I was just plain silly. Off of one glass of wine. Good reminder not to drink too fast or too much in public.

I awoke around 9 this morning and made breakfast. I made a yummy egg bake featuring eggs, cheese, sausage, shredded potatoes and mushrooms. Yummy! I watched Anchorman. Not one I'd highly recomend, though the bonus video of "Afternoon Delight" was almost worth the price of rental. Bob and I partook in a little afternoon delight of our own and then we began to hear the ice pellets hitting our window, so we watched it out our sliding glass door for a while. Good thing we don't have to be anywhere tonight. We will probably watch The Terminal and that will finish our movie rentals for the weekend.

Oh! And I also managed to write out all my birthday and holiday thank you's. I will have them in the mail on Monday, so that's done and it feels good. My momma raised me right. If someone does you a good turn, always remember to thank them.

Speaking of good turns, we got the best card from my momma the other day. I hope she won't mind, but I want to share it with you. To preface, I should say that Bob often struggles with the fact that his MD diagnosis came only 6 months after our wedding and his job loss, 3 months after that. He sometimes wonders aloud what my parents must think since he promised to take care of me and now, since he's not working, I seem to be the one taking care of him. He worries that they might think him lazy or useless. I assure him that isn't the case, but it's only words from me. The card Mom sent really touched him. She sent us a printout of the following story: "Is That All? By PeggySue Wells - Upon giving birth to her fifth child, the hospital staff whisked Nelma's baby away. 'I want to see my son,' Nelma insisted. The doctor said the baby had series problems. 'I want to see my son,' Nelma demanded. A nurse brought the baby to Nelma and carefully unwrapped his blanket. He lay there without legs, and his hands and arms were not fully developed. Nelma took it all in, caressed his soft new skin and smiled. 'Is that all?' she asked. Baby Jeffy went home with his mother to the welcoming arms of his family. He was treated like everyone else. When it was Jerry's turn to wash the dishes, he washed the dishes. He grew up as a normal child. Years later, at college, Jerry met Kathi. A year later, Kathi made a trip home, her confused emotions exploded into tears. 'Mom, Jerry wants to marry me. I konw he loves me, and I love him. Can you marry someone without legs?' 'Honey, sonce you were young, I have prayed for the right husband for you. I prayed that he would be a thoughtful, compassionate man, strong in character and integrity, a leader in hims home and provide well for you and your children. I prayed your future husband would know God, be an honest, hard worker, love you and be a tender partner. And I prayed you would be best friends.' Barbara paused to lift Kathi's chin. 'But Kathi, I never prayed he would have legs.' With the blessing of their parents, Jerry and Kathi married. Today, Jerry is an elder in their church and works as a schoolteacher. They have five children. Without the deeper insight of their mothers, Jerry and Kathi's lives would not have found such blessing. Nelma saw not her son's handicaps, but his potential; Kathi's mom saw not the wheelchair, but her answered prayers."

Isn't that an amazing story? Even more exciting is the card Mom sent with the story: "Hi! Enclosed is the copy of the story from the current Focus on the Family magazine. When I read it, I wept as this mother's prayer mirrored my own. I also felt encouragement from it. God knows EVERYTHING about us from eternity past. He knows who we are, what our dreams are and yes, even who we will marry. God wasn't surprised by Bob's MD diagnosis. It wasn't an accident that you both met and married. God also knows your future and He holds you both in His hands. I'm excited about your futures! The past is waht molded you into who you are today. That it and make it your own testimony. I love you, Mom"

I love you too Mom! Thanks. Hope you don't mind me sharing.

6:33 p.m. - Saturday, Jan. 01, 2005


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