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Florida Travelers...Help Us!

I need your help. Well, actually, I need help from anyone who may have traveled to Florida. Does anyone know of any nice beaches on the Gulf side, not too far a drive from Orlando that feature handicap accessibility? Maybe a nice boardwalk and a pier out to the ocean? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have decided to wait until we get to Florida to look for a swim suit. Maybe I can go shopping while Bob watches the game. I don't think I would be able to stand the tention and would just feel better knowing the outcome versus watching the whole thing being battled out. And suspecting the outcome, a Vikings defeat, it would just break my heart to watch it.

Last night I went to Wally world to get some toiletries. I can't believe how much toothpaste costs now. And how many additives can we add to toothpaste to make it better? Now with mouthwash! Now with whitening! Now with Flouride! Now with baking soda! Now with ham! No, not really, but some brands feature all the above plus more and it's kind of duanting to have to choose a toothpaste nowadays. There was 1 tube of toothpaste that was $4 a tube! I just bought a basic tube for a buck twentynine. Nothing fancy. Came with flouride and it's red and cinamony because that's my favorite. (Which reminds me of my now new favoritist movie, Elf. I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite!)

I also bought my last magazine for the plane trip. Now I am set, magazine wise. I also bought a tag for Bob's wheelchair so our chances of losing it this time around are lessened.

For dinner last night, I stopped at Chipotle and can I just say I'm in love? There is nothing yucky coming out of that place. I can make that one burrito into 2 or 3 meals and it's always yummy. Mmmmm, Chipotle. And they have bowls, which makes me so very happy indeed.

I just heard that with the windchill, our temp right now is 20 below! Florida cannot happen fast enough.

Tomorrow is my very first mammogram ever. Not looking forward to it. In fact, I have some anxiety about it. But it's early in the morning so at least I am getting it over with. I also heard from my doctor that my pap was normal and the blood work came back with everthing looking good. My iron is right where it should be and my B-12 is back where it should be too. Yay! I am being very diligent about taking all my vitamins and it's paying off. What I haven't been so diligent about is drinking all my water. I gotta get on the stick with that. It is worse at home on weekends than it is at work during the week. I HAVE to make sure I am super diligent about it in Florida. You know what the nurse forgot to tell me? What my cholesteral levels are now. I will have to call and get that as I am curious how the surgery may have affected that.

I feel so bloaty lately. My period is due today but I don't feel like it is don't know what's up with that. But I still feel so bloaty. Blah. I hate that feeling.

Our neighbor is going to watch our kitties for us when we're gone. I am glad that someone right here is going to be able to look in on them. They are going to be so lonely. Lately both of them have been so clingy and loving, I think the suspect something is up. Something we found out over the holidays...we feed both cats treats every now and then and while Maisey LOVES treats and downs them in about 1.2 seconds, Daisy is pickier. We have both Whisker Lickins and Pounce treats, but Daisy will only eat the Whisker Lickins. She sniffs the Pounce treats, turns up her nose and walks away. I checked out the ingredients and they are both pretty much the same and both treats are moist and soft so we can't figure out why Daisy snubs the Pounce treats. So we now have to have both on hand if we want to treat both kitties. But it's not as bad as a gal at work who has a cat that will only eat the first treat out of the bottle and after that, won't touch them. Now THAT'S finicky.

We donated to 3 different Christian aid organizations towards the Tsunami relief effort. I wish we could do more to help. I have a feeling of such helplessness when I watch the footage of the clean-up and relief efforts being made. I wish I could go there and help. Throwing money at something just feels so lazy and seems so "american"...but in this case, that's really about all we can do. Although, on the news the other night, I saw an organization here in Mpls that has volunteers making meals to send over there. I am going to look into that. The organization is called Feed the Starving Children, in case you are interested in helping them too.

6:25 a.m. - Wednesday, Jan. 05, 2005


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