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This morning I was awakened by 1 loud meow from our cat Maisey. Not sure what was on her mind, other than Bob was up and awake and my alarm had not yet gone off and maybe she was distressed. Silly kitty.

I got up and went to my Mammogram. The receptionist was nice and has found her calling. She assured me I was in the best of hands and to disrgard anything I may have heard prior. Then she showed me pictures of her grandkids. Hee. Then she talked of how she believed in the power of prayer. Good woman.

The actual mammography was uneventful. Of course no one told me NOT to wear deodorant, but thankfully, they had wipes and replacement deodorant available. I told the mammographer that it was like she was making a boob pancake. She chuckled like she's heard that one a million times. She kept brushing the most sensitive part of my breast, sending me into fits of shivers and giggles. But all in all, it was fine and I should have the results in a week. Thanks to all who gave me the little push I needed to get in there and get it over with.

I had a little scare while there, that had nothing to do with mammography at all. On the short form they had me fill out, they asked if there was any chance I could be pregnant. I immediately checked "no" because I am on the pill and we use protection. All part of the 2 forms of birth control my bariatric clinic recommends for 2 years after surgery. But as I thought about it, I realized my period was due 2 days ago and still hasn't made an appearence. Also, I remembered I was on an antibiotic over the holidays and we didn't use the 2nd form of protection because...well, we just didn't. So is there a change I could be pregnant? I still checked no, but now I'm wondering. When I'm on the pill, things are usually like clockwork. Still, the past couple of months have been a little off here and there due to illness and a tiny bit of stress at work, so it still could be forthcoming. Plus, Murphy's Law says we will be in Florida and my period will make it's glorious appearance. So I'm not worried. Much.

Speaking of being worried. The neighbor that is going to watch our cats while we are gone has a son with Duchene's MD. This is what Mattie Stephanik had. Our neighbor's son is 16 and his health is rapidly declining. He is now to see his MD doctor every 4 months instead of every 6 and at his next visit, he will be fitting with a trache and respirator. She came over last night before I got home and talked to Bob. He said she was beside herself. She has known this was coming, but is not ready for it yet. She kept asking him what she's going to do when her son dies. Her whole life with him has been wrapped up in his care and advocacy. Poor woman. We love her and hope we can help her in whatever way. Right now, we are just there for her.

I made bean soup for dinner tonight. Mmmm. Beans, tomatoes, beef, onion, garlic, much goodness!

On a TV related note: Lost? Still, so good. I love the woman that was sitting with Charlie. Kate is quite the master manipulator, no? And Sayid and Shannon? Hot! Also, The Amazing Race? Someone should run over Jonathan and put us all out of our misery. He gives new meaning to the words Ugly American. Kris and Jon? The Best and should win it all! Did anyone watch Medium? I thought it was pretty well done, though it did creep me out a bit. But overall, I really liked it. Discuss.

12:30 p.m. - Thursday, Jan. 06, 2005


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