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We Won't Be Needing An Extra Ticket For This Passenger

I am not pregant. And I didn't know how much I wanted to be until I realized I wasn't. And that's all I can say about that right now.

Which means Aunt Flo will be traveling with us to Florida. Yay for us.

But we leave tomorrow. Our ride to the airport comes at 11, our plane leaves at 2:30. We arrive in Atlanta around 4 and we leave for Orlando around 10:30 and arrive after midnight. Please hope for safe travel, ease of travel and no red tape or weird snafoos. We come back on the 15th. I took the next Monday off too, so we will have some time to decompress.

Poor Bob was so frustrated and angry this morning. He was trying to cook himself an egg and because of his muscular dystrophy, he couldn't get it to flip without breaking the yolk. He got so mad. One more thing he can't do on his own and he doesn't know how to handle it. I wish I could change these things for him. I feel so helpless watching him struggle to do something on his own, only to find he can't do it or can't do it the way he wants to do it. He's so strong and independent and hates asking for help. He said now I will have to be the one to make him eggs and he said it so sadly. I will gladly make him all the eggs he wants but it kills me that I HAVE to.

Anyway, we are out of here. Be good and try not to have exciting things happen to you or write long journal entries until I get back, OK?

1:28 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 07, 2005


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