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Wrapping It Up Before We Leave

So it's now after 11 and since getting home from work I have washed and dried 5 loads of laundry, folded said laundry, cleaned the apartment, cleaned out the fridge, filled the dishwasher and cleaned it out, cleaned the cat boxes, and downed 2 glasses of wine. Not to mention packing for the 2 of us and getting things ready to go.

Bob and I also fought. He can be one of the most pessimistic people. And he also sees/imagines the worst possible scenerios and bad sides of people. He is worried we will lose our money/luggage/credit cards/the wheelchair. He is worried we will be robbed. He is worried the weather will suck. Yet he is so excited. But all his worrying is driving me crazy. Because he talks and talks and talks about everything that is going through his head at that moment and it's driving me crazy. And I have all our important stuff safe and secure, but he has other ideas and wants to split up the money and credit cards so that he's carrying some and I'm carrying some and that way if either one of us loses our stash or is robbed, we still have some cash to fall back on. For some reason, when he was telling me this, I got all offended. I was hearing something completely different than what he was actually saying. He was saying, "Let's be safe and smart and do it this way." and I heard, "Your way is wrong and you are dumb for thinking your way is a good idea." We worked it out. Part of it is I am tired and crampy and just ready to be in Florida. But we are fine now.

The bag is packed, the house is clean, and our laundry is all done and put away. The cats are going to be well cared for and we will be on our way before you know it. I am hoping to sleep until at least 9 am and then up and at 'em, getting ready for the trip. We hear they are having a heat wave in FL and we can't wait to experience it for ourselves. See you when we get back. I will post photos and have some stories to tell.

11:22 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 07, 2005


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