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Continued....I put our groceries away and went out and met Bob. He was talking to a guy who had come up to him and asked him a question. If he were to die today, did he know where he would spend eternity? Fortunately, Bob knows the answer to that question and spent the better half of an hour chatting with the guy. I left them alone for a bit and went to take more pictures. I noticed in the lobby of the main area of the villas that there was a party at the bar at 6 with free food and drink specials.

I went back and got Bob from his new friend and we walked back to the Villa to watch the Vikings game. We watched the first half (Go VIKES!) in the airconditioned comfort of our villa. The rest of the game was spent in front of the big screen at the villa complex bar eating complimentary ziti, salad and meatballs and drinking 2 fo 1's while we watched the Vikings win at Lambeau! Go VIKES! Bob and I were the only Vikings fans in the midst of about 20 die-hard Packer fans. One guy wearing a Favre shirt told us good luck next week as he walked dejected home, but the rest just shot us dirty looks and quietly watched us leave.

Tomorrow we are driving to Tampa Bay and Clearwater beach on the Gulf side of Florida. Bob has never seen the Gulf and I am yearning to see the Ocean. I figured out last night that it's been about 9 or 10 years since I last saw it. That was when I went to Ocean City, MD for a visit. I love the ocean and have a brand new size 22 bathing suit to play in. Wheeee!

We are having a ball. We wish we could bring the weather back with us. In looking at the weather across the county, it looks like here is the place to be. The locals are saying it's too warm, but what do they know?

Oh yeah, and we met a guy from Madison at the bar tonight. He works at the Brass Ring as a bar manager and is just like the guys I know from home. He was mourning his team's loss, but we had a good chat anyways.

9:30 p.m. - Sunday, Jan. 09, 2005


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