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No More WHINING! Gosh Darn It.

Ignore yesterday's whiney post. Maybe I am hormonal. BUT! I have not recently lost all I love and own in a Tsunami, mudslide, earthquake, hurricane, etc. I DO have wonderful, supportive, loving, and kind husband, family, and friends. I have a great job (even if I am messing up all the time right now.) and a warm, comfortable home. 2 cute and funny kitties. Health! And so much more. Thanks to Sunny for reminding me and pointing my thoughts in the right direction. It isn't fair to Bob when I get all depressed and whiney. I was just focusing on what I don't have and desprately want and that's counterproductive right now. Sheesh.

Well, I look forward to the 7 to 8 inches of snow we are supposedly getting throughout the day today. Wouldn't it be cool to get, like 3 feet of snow all at once? Only if we got it on a week day and it shut down everything! I am missing the snow days of my youth, when, after a snow or ice storm, we would wake up with our alarm, but lie in bed listening to the radio. Oh the joy of hearing your school district's name being read aloud over the radio as one that was closed for the day. Then it was back to snuggling deep under the covers for another hour or 2 of sleep. The rest of the day spent in relaxing luxury. Maybe reading, maybe watching daytime TV, maybe even braving the elements and going to the MALL! (Yes, I see the irony in weather bad enough to close school but not bad enough to keep teenagers from driving 27 miles to the nearest mall.) Oh for a good snow day!

Anyway, it's Friday, so no matter how bad the day gets, tomorrow is the weekend, so nyah!

6:58 a.m. - Friday, Jan. 21, 2005


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