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Sat on My Butt and Did NOTHING

I did absolutely NOTHING this weekend. Other than lay around and watch movies. It was HEAVEN!

We got about 8 inches of snow Friday, beginning around noon. By 4, they cut us out at work so I got home early and that was nice. I did fold the clothes that Bob had washed the night before, so I didn't do NOTHING...but it still felt like nothing.

Our neighbor Becky came over for cocktails and adult conversation and that was nice. We showed her our Florida pictures and chatted about the Sunshine state.

Saturday, we tried to sleep in, but both of us were up by 7 I think. Bob was hurting because the night before, he had tried to go to the gas station behind the alley and got his wheelchair stuck in the snowplow remains. Some nice people helped him get out, but he should not have been involved in the pushing, though he was and he thinks he may have wrenched something in his shoulder. He didn't sleep well all weekend due to the pain. Now he knows not to help at all, but to let others do the heavy work for him. But it's so hard for him to just stand back and let others do for him, though most people are ready, willing and able to help and do so with cheer. Must be a man thing. Or a human thing.

Bob did take a nap Saturday afternoon while I watched stuff I had taped the week before. Somehow, though, I missed catching The Bachelorette and TWop isn't reviewing it anymore. Hope I didn't miss anything too important. I made pork chops in the crockpot and added scalloped potatoes and green beans and biscuits to make a yummy weekend meal. Bob LOVED it!

Sunday, we got up and went to church and had a nice time there. It's always good to go to church and we miss it tremendously when we don't. We got home and had leftovers for lunch and then Bob went to take a nap while I watched old (relatively speaking) movies all day. I saw the end of Pretty in Pink, Parenthood, Uncle Buck and my all time favorite, Singing in the Rain. I have a trans-generational crush on Donald O'Connor. I LOVE the Moses song and since I own the movie, I will occationally pop it in and watch that scene over and over and over. I also like the scene where Cathy Seldon is singing with the Coconut Grove Girls at RF Simpson's party. And Good Mornin' is another fave. It's such a good movie. And while Gene Kelly is pretty handsome, it's Donald O'Connor that sweeps me off my feet. I think back on my school girl crushes and I was ALWAYS attracted to the tall/lanky/skinny funny guys. Funny.

Anyway, I watched TV all weekend and that's all I did. I need to get off my butt and clean our apartment though, so no lollygagging for me this coming weekend.

I am skeeved out by the new Quizznos commercial with Bob the baby. Is that skinny woman in the bikini flirting with a baby? Ewwww!

I laugh at the commercial advertising The Best Classical Music Album in the World...Ever! The title always strikes me as so funny! As if that's not a lot to live up to.

I just found out that one of the characters on a sitcom I like is really from England. Mark Addy as Bill Miller in Still Standing does a great Illinois/Midwestern accent and yet he is from England and was in the Full Monty! he so looks like a down to earth midwesterner, I was surprised to see him in FM this past weekend. Mmm, who knew?

Well, this week proves to be challenging at work again. Last week I made a mistake that messed up a couple of annuities and credit to the bankers that wrote them. Today I was being extra careful and double and triple checking everything which caused me to work slower than normal. But another mistake was found from last week! Yikes! I really need to work on my pace and SLOW DOWN.

FYI: If you frequent Caribou Coffee, go there on Wednesday, January 26th and buy a Sumantra coffee. $1 from every sale will be donated to Coffee Kids, an organazation that is helping people in the wake of the Tsunami disaster. Or, you could just give them a couple of bucks towards the effort, but I thought I'd pass this along.

5:23 p.m. - Monday, Jan. 24, 2005


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