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We Are Still Looking For A Van

Still waiting for you computer geeks to get me some info about the best laptop for the money. See yesterday's entry for the specs I have to have before April 20th. Thanks!

Last night I was sitting all comfy on my couch watching American Idol when the phone rang. It was Bob and he was stuck at the hospital since he had locked his keys in his truck. I had to go to the hospital to unlock it for him. Which is fine, but I was COMFY! Oh well, off I went. The temp had dropped considerably since I had arrived at home. Do you know what happens to wetness from melting snow when the temperature drops? Yes, that's right, it freezes! Do you know what happens to a person who is rushing and in a hurry who fails to notice said frozen water? Yes, she DOES fall on her back end, thank you very much! Ouch.

I got the hospital and was looking for the Orange lot. I found the red lot, the grey lot, the black lot, and all the lots in between, but no luck with the orange lot. I dared not enter the main hospital lot because just driving in costs $2 and in my rush to get to Bob, I had not picked up my wallet or any money. So, I parked my car on the side of the road and walked up to the parking lot attendant to ask him where the orange lot is. What do you know? this WAS the orange lot! Nicely marked, thanks hospital! As i walked back to my car, I saw the security police parked next to my car. I was scared they would ticket and tow me before I got back, but thankfully, they just wanted to know if I was OK. I told them I was there to find my husband and unlock his truck. They said they would follow me and sign my parking lot ticket so I wouldn't have to pay! yay! So after making it once around the parking lot, managed to spot Bob's truck, but no Bob. He was still in the hopsital! So I ran over to the main building, found him and wheeled him over to his truck. The security guys signed my parking pass and I unlocked Bob's truck and all was right with the world again. Until. Until Bob tried to start his truck. No juice. So, not only had he locked his keys in his truck, he had left the key turned in the "on" position. So, I had to move my car to the spot in front of his truck and attach the jumper cables. I have cables, but have never really had to use them and neither Bob nor I were well versed in how to attach them. Thankfully, I smartly left the little tag with the instructions attached to my cables. Once I got them attached, I got back into my car and reved the engine. Nothing was happening with Bob's truck. I got back out and checked and one of the cables had come loose. I reattached them and after about 3 minutes, Bob was able to start his truck. Sheesh! We got home in one piece and just rested after all that.

And I found out that Bob's BIL is just fine, though in quite a bit of pain. But he's on a morphine pump that he controls himself, so that's been good for him. His doctors want him to start walking in the next 4 days or so though!

If you live in the Twin Cities and listen to FM107, you may have heard that I am again looking for a way to get a handicapped accessible van for Bob. We got a few responses, which is nice, but nothing that stood out.

We first got a response that the State of MN is auctioning off 5 Metro Mobility vans in March. I don't think that will work because, A.) They are diesel and B.) While they have access for Bob's wheelchair, they aren't accessbile for him to drive said vehicle which defeats the purpose.

We also got a link to Newgate Training Center which gets cars donated to them, they refurbish and sell at a much lower price. But they rarely, if ever get vehicles with lifts. I did email them to see if they have anything like that right now and got an email back saying to contact a specific person tomorrow or the next day, so I will do that.

Finally, we did get an email from a woman whose sister is selling her 1993 Ford Aerostar van with a lift. It has under 18,000 miles on it and is selling for $6000. If only we had $6000! We will have to talk about it, maybe look at it, and see what happens. I was hoping one of the car sales places that advertises on FM107 would take pity on us and donate one as a tax write off, but so far no such luck with that.

Have y'all heard of the Hersey's Take 5 bars? SO GOOD! Not a good thing for people looking to lose weight. But so tasty.

12:49 p.m. - Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2005


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