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17 Miles!

Things are good!

Yesterday at work I kicked butt! Every annuity application written by a Big Bank Co banker gets sent through my office and either me or one of my 2 co-workers looks it over, approves it and sends it on to the insurance company. If something is not right, we have to "pend" it. I have about 25 applications pending right now and yesterday I wrote to every agent with a pending issue, letting them know we MUST have the needed paperwork in hand by Feb 1st or they won't see credit. I then CC'd their managers and sales directors and you should have seen the replies piling up in my inbox!

After work I went to church for the women's study on surrender and had a really good time. Before it started, I was chatting with the Pastor's daughter and another woman who were knitting scarves in the lobby. They invited me to bring my knitting next week and we will make a circle! Fun!

As I was driving home I kept thinking of what would be good to eat when I got home. I had to stop myself midthought and say OUT LOUD, "No! You don't need anything to eat. You are NOT hungry. It's after 8 and you don't need to eat after 8. NO! NO! NO!" I had to keep saying this to myself as I walked from my car to the apartment. When I walked in, I went and got myself 2 Viactives and ate those and then got on my glide/walker thing and watched The Parent Trap on the Hallmark channel until I was tired, sweaty and NOT thinking of food anymore.

This morning I got up a tad earlier and put in the Weight Watchers low intensity work out tape I bought a year ago and have NEVER WATCHED! I did my workout in the nude and was so embarrassed when I noticed Bob was not sleeping in his warm little bed, but was instead standing in the hallway watching me! But oh well. I sucked. I can't do all the moves and mess up alot, but I kept moving.

At lunch I took the stairs down the 10 floors down to the lunch room, but chickened out on going up them. BUT I didn't eat even one piece of the marbeled frosted birthday cake that was calling to me from the breakroom. I WILL beat this plateau! I did snack this morning on low fat cheese flavored chex mix...but that's all so far. I had a chicken quesedilla for lunch and that was yummy. Though I ate a tad more than I should have. They cut it in quarters and I should have only had 3 of the 4 pieces. I felt a little bloated for an hour until it digested.

THEN! I wa corresponding with a former collegue and she mentioned she is training for a 17 mile walk to my home town in May. She had the gastric bypass surgery 2 years ago and is as happy with the results and outcome as I am. And I thought..."If she can do it, so can I" and I downloaded the entry form, which I will fill out and send in when I have the money to send for the entry fee. And now I have motivation to train and get this plateau moving!

So, that's where I am today. Feeling good and excited to see where this journey takes me each day. Hey! I JUST had a thought! This walk isn't a fundraiser or anything...but maybe I could do it as a fundraiser for raise money for a van with a lift for him! Hmmmm....I will have to think and pray on that a bit. Also, I've never trained for anything before...those of you who have...can you send me tips and pointers on how to plan my workouts and trainings? Thanks!

2:11 p.m. - Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005


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