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We Get A Free Burrito!

Well, the weekend was good. I did manage to clean, fold laundry, make some yummy meals, AND work out. I walked a mile on Saturday, two miles on Sunday and another mile this morning. It takes me about 17 minutes to walk a mile and it took me about 35 minutes to walk 2.

Sunday was church and again, that was nice. Then, lunch out with my husband and that was nicer. He is just the sweetest man in the world.

We did have a little tiff on Saturday. There has been a bill collector calling us. Actually, she has been calling me. It has something to do with one of our hospital bills. Bob said that since he's home, he would take care of it. Well, she called early Saturday morning and Bob was trying to return her call. All of a sudden, he shoves the phone at me and says, "just tell her..." and I freaked out. I thought he had been trying to trick me (No idea why I thought reason to think my loving, kind, sweet adorable husband would be tricking me.) into talking to the collector. Turns out that he got her voicemail and just wanted me to leave a message saying it was OK for her to talk to Bob about our account. After that he got pissy and told me just see if he ever helps me with anything like that again. I got up and slammed into our bedroom and cried. We did end up talking it all out and realizing that we had each pushed the other's buttons without really realizing it. We're fine now, but we still need to deal with collector chick.

I gave blood this morning. My first time ever. The nurse took my temp and asked me, with concern, if I was feeling alright. I said I was feeling fine, why? My temp was 99.6. Which is weird because I usually clock in right at 98.6 or a few degrees lower, but am NEVER high. It's probably because my period is due Friday, but it was a little flukey. Then, when the nurse found the vein and poked the needle in, the blood didn't flow. She had to really work at getting the blood to flow and then when it did, it was super slow. None of this will stop me from giving again, but it was all kind of flukey. The bloodmobile comes by every 8 weeks or so and I will be a regular giver. Oh! Also funny to me were the questions they asked beforehand: "have you ever, even one time, had sex with someone who has had sex with a man?" Ummmm. I would have to say the answer to that would be NO. There were about 10 questions like that on the list. "Have you ever, even one time, had sex with someone who had shared needles in drug use?" I assumed the answer to that was no, but how would you even know if you didn't know? Anyway, weird.

The rest of the day was spent catching up at work. We were missing a team member and had an added workload today.

We finally got our last tax document so now I can do our taxes...whee. Yeah, not so much fun, but the sooner they are done, the sooner we get our refund and the sooner I get my computer for school. So I need to suck it up and just do it. Maybe Saturday afternoon. We have to take our cars to Bob's sister's car repair place for oil changes and we need to be there by 9am. On a Saturday! They are an hour away. So, no sleeping in. But that's OK. They give us a huge break on our auto repairs, so we can be there when they need us to be.

In other news, we got a coupon for a free Chipotle Burrito! Mmmmmmmmm, Chipotle!

6:20 p.m. - Monday, Jan. 31, 2005


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