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Edible Valentines

Bob found a lead on how we may be able to get a laptop free! A friend of ours whose sone has MD gave him a humber and address of a place that will give computers to people with handicaps. I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do since, the computer will really be for me for school. But Bob is going back to school this Spring too and may need it for his classes. I will only be in class one weeknight a week and he will be in class about 2 or 3 days a week, so he may need it. But it never hurts to call and check these things out.

Last night I was purusing the cost of setting up a website for the fundraising walk. It looks like I can get the basics for about $15.00 to $20 for a year. That seems reasonable. But I am not very good with HTML and only know the basics...which usually gets me in trouble. So does anyone out there know any free to cheap website builders or designers? Or is anyone willing to work on a nonprofit fundraising website for credit and attention (and maybe some baked goodies ferried by the US postal service) but no actual money? Let me know ASAP, OK?

Speaking of...I totally need to get on the stick and write to some home town service organizations and see if they will help legitimize our fundraising efforts. I am doing the walking/training and have been compiling photos to shoot to the website and am website shopping...but that's about all I've got so far. I think I need to make up some press releases and such too. Sometimes I get more excited about the idea of something than I do about the actual thing. Anyone else?

Last night one of the kids in our building brought his baby brother to see me. The minute he was handed to me he began to cry. And cry. And cry. I finally had to hand him back and his brother had to take hime home. Oh he was cute! And I could NOT comfort the poor boy. Honestly, that rarely happens to me. I tend to have a "way" with kids and am usually able to comfort even the most anxious of babies. But this little one would NOT be comforted. I don't think he sees many peopl outside of his own family. They tend to keep to themselves.

Speaking of tending kids...did you see Super Nanny last night? I don't think the mom had any tops that didn't accentuate her ample bossom. It was as if she had had an enhancement and thought, "I paid for 'em, I should show 'em off!" Not that they weren't nice, because they were, but her outfits didn't exactally say, "mommy". Or maybe they did...heh heh. Anyway, she seemed perfectly nice if just a little preoccupied. I like this show better than Nanny911. I don't understand the beginning of N911. A "head" nanny reviews the needs of families and sends one of 3 nannies to help them out and then we never hear from the "head" nanny again. Plus, whenever she picks one, we hear her...butler? boyfriend? man-child? say, "yes". and that's all. They only show him perifially and he's never explained or introduced and yet we clearly hear his "yes". What does he have to do with anything? The other thing I hate about that particular show is that they show the same clips over and over and over throughout the show. It's called editing, look into it!

I haven't walked my mile yet today, but I'm looking forward to doing it tonight. I have some books on tape from the library and hope that will keep me interested as I walk.

This morning before I left for work, I picked out all the little conversation hearts that had something meaningful to say and placed them throughout our apartment for Bob to find. Little candy Valentine's on this first day of Feb. He called me later to tell me he found some and I told him to keep looking. It sure is hard to leave him in the morning to go to work. Especially when he's all warm and cozy and cute and snuggled in bed. But easier when I can do fun little things to surprise him throughout the day.

I stopped at the "bou this morning to get some Chai and there were only 2 people ahead of me waiting for coffee drinks, but it happened AGAIN that one of the 2 was actually waiting on 6 drinks! People! if you are going to do at least 6 places in line with your coat, hat, boats, ice scarper, etc so those of us behind you know what to expect. Caribou should have 2 lines. One for long orders and one for just one at a time drinks. It just messes with me head, especially when I am late. Oh, but I love the 'Bou! Oh, and have I told you the the scale has started moving again? It has. A little bit. And the clothes that I just bought are a tad bit loose. Just a tad. Feeling good about that. And, for the first time since the surgery, I am able to eat somewhat normal protions. I still can't eat a regular meal, but I can eat at least a better portion. For instance, the other night we had grilled cheese and tomato soup and I was able to eat the whole grilled cheese and at least a 1/4 of the soup. I can eat 1 whole taco and some beans. I can eat almost a whole cheeseburger if I only eat half of the bun...but nothing else with it. I can eat 5 cheese raviolis with sauce and 2 small meatballs. I can eat 1/2 of cereal with 1/4 cup of skim milk. I can eat 1 whole toaster scramble or 1 egg scrambled with cheese. It's just amazing to me and I love it.

1:21 p.m. - Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2005


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