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Did I Win?

I am a big sweaty mess right now. I just walked 1 .25 mile in less than 20 minutes and I sweat like a pig. And as much as I fight it and am sometimes loathe to it, it does actually feel good to get it done. I should have waited until later today to walk though as it was 50 degrees yesterday and should be up around there again today! 50 degrees in a MN winter! Wooo. It's almost kind of depressing. We get a taste of spring only to have it yanked from us for another month or so. But it's so deliscious while it's here.

I stayed home from work yesterday. I haven't been feeling well, but I can't put my finger on it. It might be because my period is due. It might be the flu that's going around. But I haven't been sleeping well and yesterday I woke up with the worst headache that throbbed and thumped all through the day. Blech. But I'm off to work today. I stayed home but didn't feel the better for it. So better to go to work and plow through the day and get stuff done. Plus, when I stay home, I don't get all my water in and I make poor food choises. Something about the schedule of a work day makes it easier for me to make better choises. Plus it's Friday, so how bad can it get?

I went to church Wednesday night and we had a really good discussion in my women's group. We were talking about how so "me" centered America is. I brought up how annoyed I've been when people at Caribou order 3 or more coffee drinks when I'm standing in line behind them. Who am I to complain? Here, these people are doing something nice for their office folk and I am annoyed because it inconveniences me? We talked about how we get all up in arms when we give and give and give and no one seems to notice. Yet, Jesus gave everything and would do it all again, even if only 1 person needed what he had to give. Then we talked about how sometimes we feel like we aren't being treated well by certain people and when we begin to feel that way, we really should look inward at our own selves and how WE are treating others. It might be a matter of our own attitude and actions affecting those around us. Not that we are to manipulate through our words or deeds, but that we should strive to act out our lives in love, to live as an example of Christ's love. And to remember that our reward is not to be found on this earth. That's the other problem, we are an instant gratification society and don't want to wait for the reward. Sometimes we don't have to and are actually rewarded with reciprocity of love, attention, applause, whatever. Anyway, I just got a lot out of our discussion and it helps to know that the other women in the group also struggle with control issues, perfectionism, and fear of failure.

I have everything I need to get our taxes done except for the tax program. I usually use Tax Cut Pro. I am waiting for a couple of days though. I think I won a $100 Target gift card from my favorite radio station and if, in fact, I did win one, I will use that to buy our tax software. There is some confussion though about whether or not I won.

Here's what happened. In the morning, there is a program and gives 3 clues in the first hour about something that's in a ziplock bag. Then, when you think you know what it might be, you email it and guess what it is and if you are right and are the first email, you win what't in the bag, a bunch of ziplock products and the afforementioned gift card. Oh! And part of the contest is that they post the first clue on the radio station's website before the show even starts. So, when I get to work in the morning, I check out the clue to see if it's worth it to send an email with my guess. Well, the other morning the clue was, "I set the mood". And right away I guessed candles. I emailed in my guess and listened to the rest of the clues and I was right! But imagine my surprise when they announce that someone else won. So I sent another email in to ask when the contest officially starts. I mean, how soon does one have to email in their guess to win the prize? My guess was emailed in a full hour before the show even started. I didn't hear back from anyone until I got to work the next morning. There was an email from the radio station promotions department congratulating me on my winning guess and asking me for my contact information. I sent it and again, have not heard anything back. So, I'm just not counting on anything and assuming there has been communication problems. But if I did, in fact win and will be getting the gift card, that will be fabulous. Because we could use $100 from Target. We need stuff we have been putting off getting because these things are not considered "essentials". Also, Ziplocks and candles? Yay! I'll keep you updated on what happens with all that.

I think today is the day I'll be visited by Aunt Flo. My abdominal area is paining me something fierce. Time to visit my good friend Advil.

6:41 a.m. - Friday, Feb. 04, 2005


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