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Just Looking, Not Buying

Had a good weekend.

Didn't do much Friday night. Just hung out, watched stuff I had taped during the week since there really wasn't anything on TV. Although I do like that new show called Numbers on CBS.

We got up early Saturday morning (early for us means before 7) because we had to get our cars to the BIL's auto repair shop by 9. On the way down, I popped in one of my books on tape and now I'm hooked on the book. I can't wait to walk to it tomorrow so I can find out what happens.

Anyway, we got to the repair place at 9 on the dot. He did Bob's truck first and found he needed a new battery. Thankfully, he had one in stock. He changed Bob's oil and filter and then we took the truck to his house to see Bob's sister and their kids. We had a nice visit while Bob slept on their couch. By noon, BIL brought my car over and had changed the oil and the belts. Next time, there is some axel thing going on that needs looking at. And I still need new tires.

We left the In-laws by 1 and were home by 2. I laid down to take a nap, but awoke with a start realizing I had to email my folk's wedding picture to my brother per his request. He needed it for something they were doing at church and had asked me on Friday to email him the photo. I totally forgot about it until I was almost asleep and then awoke with a start. I ran to our storage room and looked through all our photos until I found 4 or 5 pics to scan and send. Whew!

We just spent Saturday night hanging out, watching TV and ended up going to bed early. We ARE such party people. Whoo!

Today we slept in...well, Bob slept in. I got up around 8:30, popped my book on tape into my walkman casset player and cleaned and did dishes. I made beef "stir-fry" in the crock pot, and I organized our files and got all our tax stuff together. By this time, Bob was up and showering. Around noon we hopped in the truck and went to the Guthrie Theater open house. One of my friends works there and invited us, though we never did see her there. But it was pretty fun. There were door prizes, refreshments, tours, and lots and lots of people. I think it would have been more fun if we had had kids to bring. They had free books for kids, valentine making and cookie decorating. Bob and I did get our photo taken near the stage and that was fun. We did run into Bob's cousin and her family and had a nice chat with them. She is the sweetest and her kids are so cute and charming.

After that, we weren't ready to go home, so we drove about the lakes and chatted. We smiled at all the people walking their dogs around the lake. At one point there was a car in front of us with a Welsh terrier hanging his head out of the back passenger window. He would bark at all the dog walkers. The poor walking dogs would get all nervous trying to find where the annoying barking was coming from. At one point, a golden got all flustered and turned his head in such a way that a passing jogger ran right into his head, poor doggie.

We decided we were hungry so we went to lunch and while we were sitting there, Bob mentioned that the area we were in held a lot of good memories for him about when he used to work at the Humane Society. I said I thought we should go and visit the animals and Bob agreed. So off we went to see the puppies, bunnies and kitties. There weren't any kittens, but lots and lots of cats. There were about a dozen dogs and all but 3 were black labs. They had labs in all shapes, sizes and ages. It makes me so mad to see the reasons why the animals are at the shelter though. "New baby", "puppy chews too much", "Has too much energy". Duh! These were puppies mostly...about 8 months to 1 year and a half. Puppies? They have energy? They are too active? They chew on stuff? Who knew? What is this world coming too? Oh, and my favorite reason someone left their sweet pet at the Humane Society? "Too expensive to care for." Oh. Good one! So, if you have kids and they get too expensive to care for, are you going to drop them off at the local hospital/church/welfare office? Responsible people do research. Responsible people make it work. Responsible people don't get pets they can't afford! Sheesh.

There were lots of sweet, sweet kitties. One cat was labeled as very shy but as soon as Bob got to his cage, he got up and mewed and rubbed his head on the door so Bob would pet him. I found a sweet little long haired girl who was so lovey and cuddley, she just didn't want to be put down. We loved loving them up but felt so bad about leaving them there. The good thing is that they are safe and warm and cared for until someone claims them as their own, but it still feels bad leaving them when it's so clear they love the attention.

We came home and turned on the Superbowl and it's still on now. Bob got us some chicken nachos from the restaurant across the alley and we noshed on those. The beef "stir-fry" is now in the fridge for tomorrow night's meal.

Oh, I know why I was feeling so crappy on Thursday. I got my period on Friday and all day I felt like my insides were going to explode. Bob was so cute though. Have I told you this already? Anyway, as I was leaving for work, I told him I knew why I was feeling poorly and it was because I got my period. He said something about it being OK because now the old eggs were gone and my body would produce some new, fresh, clean eggs for next month. I stopped straight and said, "What?" He repeated himself and I had to explain that, no, a girl is born with all the eggs she will ever have her whole life and that only 1 egg is released each month and if that egg isn't fertilized, then it disolves and the lining of the uterus flushes out and that's what a "period" is. He didn't know this. How did he not know this? And he grosses out horribly if his line of sight should happen to cross with any evidence of my period. Yeah. Try living with it every month for 25 years. EVERY MONTH. Anyway, he's funny. Just call me Mrs. wifey...teaching my husband health class basics. The man grew up with 3 sisters too!

Anyway. Not much else is happening. I will probably find out tomorrow if I did indeed win the gift card. I am just assuming I won and am calling to see when I can expect to find it in our mailbox. Our taxes are all organized and ready to be "done" and filed...I just need the software.

Mom and dad got back from Mexico yesterday. It's funny, neither my brother nor I knew where they were. No contact number. No name of town or city or hotel. Thankfully, nothing happened that we would need a contact number, but still, it would have been nice to have. It sounds like they had fun and enjoyed themselves, which is good for them. They have their 40th wedding anniversary this summer and my brother and I are talking about having a shin dig for them to celebrate. Mom sent me an email with a couple of good ideas and we will have to send "save the date" emails/letters out before everyone starts their summer trip planning. It shouldn't be too much work and will be fun to celebrate their 40th with them. When I was looking through my photos yesterday, I found a lot of good photos of them through the years and thought I'd maybe put a photo collage/powerpoint slide thing together...but I'm not sure how to do that yet, so we'll see what happens.

This week is low key. Not much going on...just living day to day and getting through what we can do.

8:27 p.m. - Sunday, Feb. 06, 2005


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