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Still No Word on the Prize

Yesterday's Workout: 2 miles in 35 minutes on setting 3.5.

Today's Workout: 1 mile in 15 minutes on setting 4.0.

I also use the grade setting but I change it up every quarter mile. 6.0 is the highest grade I usually use. You know what's cool? That now that I've been walking/working out regularly, walking a mile is like nothing at all. When I was heavy, it was all I could do to get to a mile. Now, I just blow through that first mile like it's nothing. I am actually working out. Getting into shape. Not only losing weight, but getting into shape. That makes me feel great!

Although, I only walked the one mile today because JUST as I got started on the treadmill, someone else came in to use the workout room. I've been in there every morning for almost 2 weeks now and this is the first time anyone else has been in there in the morning with me. I had just started my walking and in she walks, giving me the vulcan death if this equipment is all hers and hers alone. Sorry, no, sister. That's why I have a key! Anyway, I just figured I'd walk my one mile and be done with it today. If the same thing happens tomorrow though, I am walking my full 2 miles. I hope I don't have to get there earlier and earlier in order to get my workout in. I hope it's not like that commercial for...some car...where the married couple fights each other for it every morning and end up getting up earlier and earlier in order to be the one to drive it to work. Anyway, soon it will be warm enough to walk outside and I won't have to worry about it.

I have my 9 month anniversary appointment at the end of the month. I am hoping to have lost more weight by then. The scale is starting to go down, but it's not at all at the rate that it was prior to Christmas.

I still have food issues. Food still has a hold, a power on me. I am still having to work hard to break those old habits and holds. But it's true that the surgery has helped me with some of that. Some foods are not compatible with my new stomach and digestion. Some foods aren't worth lots of breads, because they just fill me up and don't do much nutritionally. Some foods make me feel ill after I eat because of the large sugar content and empty calories. So, those things all help...but nothing has worked to completely cut off the power food has over me. That, I have to work on myself and let me just say, it's hard.

So, no word yet on the Target gift card. I called the radio station yesterday and was told the guy in charge of that give away was not in until "later" but that he would call me. Did he call me? Nope. So, I'm not sure what to do next. Do I keep calling and bugging them or just shut up and accept that they made a mistake and I didn't win after all? Man, it's hard to let go of $100 though. Especially when we sure could use it. Granted it's not cash. But we can spend $100 at Target easy. We have stuff we've been needing and have put it off because it's not "essential". But we do need to get our tax software too and we would use the gift card for that too. Now that all our tax stuff is ready to go, I am anxious to get started. Anway, I think I will call one more time today to see what happens and then just leave it alone.

6:44 a.m. - Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2005


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