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Working Out Feels Good...Who Knew?

I got up this morning and walked. I didn't do it yesterday and felt off all day yesterday. Don't know if I felt off and didn't walk because of it or if I felt off because I didn't walk. But I got home after work, ate dinner, and felt ill so went to bed and was asleep by 8pm.

So this morning, I walked 1 mile in 15 minutes. On speed 4 and on each level, I hiked the grade up a grade and half, so for the last quarter of the first mile, I was walking at a 6. Then, the second mile. I set the speed at 3 and at each quarter mile, I downed the grade. It took longer and at the 35 minute mark, I had walked my 2 miles.

When I got to the workout room, the chick I had seen the other morning was laying on the weightlifting bench. Just laying there. As though her heart and muscles would get a workout by osmossis. But she sprang to life when I entered the room. She did some stretching and as I set the treadmill, she left. It wasn't even 6 yet, so I wondered how long she had been there and what her workout consists of. Weird.

So does anyone have any good Valentine's day ideas that are cheap? I want to do something to impress to Bob how much he means to me, but I have NO ideas. Anyone have any good romantic ideas that can be accomplished frugily?

Today should be interesting. We have a whole team meeting this morning, are supposed to be cleaning out our files and cleaning off our desks and surfaces and such all day, and this evening I am meeting with someone who is going to tell me whether or not we could afford housing of any kind this year. It will be an interesting day.

I am waiting to hear from the church in my home town. I wrote an email AND called the church to see if it would be available on the date we want to have my parents 40th anniversary open house. I was told that the secretary was new and was waiting to hear what the protocol is and I should know by the end of the week. Once I know for sure, I will send out "Save the Date" emails to the people Mom and Dad want invited. When I called the church, the secretary said she had received my email but was waiting on getting the info she needed to get back to me. Hmmm. Fine. But could she not have shot me a quick email to say that? Since I live in another whole state, it helps to have information...and to know that she got my email in the first place. Oh well. I will wait until the end of the day today and if I don't hear from her, I will call her again tomorrow. The good news is that as of yesterday, there is nothing on the calendar there that would prohibit us from using the facility for the open house. Yay!

In perusing the internet yesterday, I found out that due to Bob's disability and our income level, we qualify for section 8 housing and/or we could qualify to live in elder housing. The elder housing would be ideal because most of those buildings are totally handicapped accessible and we could rent a 2 bedroom apartment and pay 30% of our income, which is significantly less than we pay now. So, if, after meeting with this chick tonight, we find that buying something is a pipedream, we will get the wheels moving in the section 8/elder housing direction. Might be good to do that anyway since the waiting list tends to be quite long and the wait can be as long as 2 years. We'll see what happens.

6:43 a.m. - Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005


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