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Policing Ourselves Is What Got Us Here

Today it was second nature to get up and walk and while the first mile came pretty easily, I fought the good fight for every step the second mile. I kept saying, "Oh, I'll only walk 1 1/2 today." Then, "No! I will walk the full 2 miles." Then, "Oh, I will only walk a mile and 3 quarters." "NO! 2 MILES!" So I did walk the 2 miles, but the second mile was tough. Again, the book on tape helped alot. Thank God for libraries who carry books on tape.

THIS morning the other workout chick was leaving the workout room just as I was turning the corner to the room. It was 10 minutes to 6. My GOD that gal must get up early. But I like having the room to myself because when I laugh at my book on tape, I only sound dorky to myself.

So we had an all team meeting at work yesterday. My boss went over some new stuff and prepped us for the upcoming IRA season and told us she had finally hired someone to take my spot on the phone team. Then she gets all hardnosed (FINALLY) and says that all internet use, other than work related sites, is banned and personal phone calls can only be made at lunch or on an official break. AND we start work at 8 so you better be in your seat, logged on at 8. Sounds good right? At the end of this firm little speach, she says this, "But I am not your mother and am not going to police you. You will have to police yourselves." Oh. Yes. Thanks for that. So, the rest of the day I got to her Prima Donna speaking in Russian to her husband or daughter 5 to 10 minutes of most every hour. And watch the guy whose cube is in front of me surf the internet most of the day. And he most decidedly did NOT stick to work related websites. His websites of choice? CNN, Drudge, NYT, and a web-based email program. AND a job I thought I had left behind with the phone team has now been passed on to my data team because the phone team is SO BUSY with calls, they just can't get it done! Sure. Right. Policing ourselves has not worked for the past is it supposed to work now? We just end up policing each other and growing resentful and angry.

Also, yesterday was massive work clean up day. They provided extra shredder bins, dumpsters, file boxes, etc. I went through all our filing cabinets and filed the 2004 stuff we needed to keep and shredded the stuff we needed to get rid of. Stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of paper. Good lord, whatever happened to the paperless society? Feels good to get it done though. Paperwork distracts does the need to clean. Like in college when I couldn't do my homework or studying until my dorm room was pristine. Yeah, that worked out well. I had the cleanest dorm room in the world and flunked out of college.

After work I met with a local realator. I had asked her to look into a couple of condo buildings nearby to see what they sell for and if any might be for sale soon. One actually had a unit for sale and it was exactally what we were looking for...but the building doesn't accept pets. I think that stinks. If you are buying's yours and you should be allowed to make whatever allowances to your living space you want...even if that includes pets. Anyway, she was the cutest thing EVER! We ended up talking for 2 hours! We met at my favorite, Ch1potle, and chatted and chatted and chatted. It was like we were old friends catching up. Turns out the condo building we REALLY REALLY like that's in our neighborhood is out of our price range. Natch. So, who knows what will happen. But I might have made a new I've got that going for me, which is good.

In the meantime, Bob talked to the lender we have been meeting with and we COULD be ready to buy a condo in 3 to 6 months. There are a couple of things we need to work on on our credit report. For instance, Bob has been paying on his truck for a while and his lender had NEVER reported his credit history. It's not on our credit report at all. But you can bet if he missed a payment or was late, that would make it on the report. We also need to get his student loan stuff updated. He is in the midst of loan forgiveness due to his disability. And we have to pay down our credit cards. Duh. But we used them on vacation and they are maxed. We have low low limits so it's not dire...we just need to pay them down. So, it looks good for us right now...but we also need to come up with the money for the expenses like the homeowners insurance, and whatnot. Yikes.

Today is supposed to be in the 40's, as is tomorrow. I am going to walk outside tomorrow no matter what. It will be a good excuse to avoid doing our taxes. Hee.

6:44 a.m. - Friday, Feb. 11, 2005


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