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A Digital Scale is Surprisingly Accurate In Telling Me How Much Weight I Have NOT Lost

The gift card finally showed up! I got a big padded envelope in the mail yesterday. While I thought I had won the candles, it turns out I won nail polish! 10 bottles of the newest Revlon colors. Do I wear nail polish? Nope. But I probably will now. 10 bottles! Anyway, I took that sweet $100 gift card and went to T@rget to spend it. Woooooooo! Here is what $100 will get'cha...or at least what it got me: 3 new pillows, 1 set of twin sheets, 1 pack of 8 lightbulbs, 1 2-pack of 3-way lightbulbs, 2 individual lightbulbs for the bathroom vanity, tax software, 2 packs of scented votives, 1 lithium battery powered digital scale, 2 3lb hand weights, 3 greeting cards, and various and sundry grocries. Oh, it felt so good! We needed the bulbs, pillows, and sheets so badly. Of course the minute I got home, I thought of at least 3 other things we needed that I forgot. Bummer, but oh well. And the coolest thing is that I was able to get all of that and only chip in $2.00 of our own money at checkout. I guess I am to expect another padded envelope as well since part of the prize was also some Z1plock yay!

Work is We are still working on that large collating project. Every time the gal/manager that threw this on us appears in our area, you can feel the tension rise about 100 levels. It's as if we all collectively collect our breath and hold it to see what else she can through at us. What's next? We are to do this project in order to get 400 of these boxes out and then we are to outsource the collating of these things. When I asked why we aren't outsourcing it from the beginning...I was just met with blank stares and shrugs. I guess this chick took on this project and no body understood the full scope and breadth of it to begin with. And then this chick dumped it on us somehow even though she is not my boss's boss and is on the same scale of management. But whatever. It won't be forever and should end soon. Then it will be IRA season and my workday will increase to about a 10-12 hour day...if not more. Whoot! Overtime!

Crap. I am fighting a cold. I woke up with goopy eyes, a mildly sore throat, and a stuffy nose. Blah. And I am TIRED. I so want to stay home today, but we have that big project and so much other work to I will go on. Most everyone works sick. Which is why we all share our illnesses. Hope this is done and over with quickly.

Last night I made my favorite crock pot chicken fajitas. Mmmmm. Tonight I am making a new recipe. It is large pasta shells filled with taco meat and cheese. A nice twist on an originally Italian favorite.

Did you watch the Doctor Phil special last night? I only watched it to see Dr. Phill lay into Jonathan about his treatment of Victoria on the Amazing Race. I was sorely disappointed. Though I was NOT disappointed to see that Jonathan is still the biggest baffoon I've ever had the pleasure of watching on TV. What an ass.

6:42 a.m. - Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2005


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