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It Lifts AND Separates!

Things are shaking up at work again. The gal I've been refering to in my posts as my supervisor really isn't my supervisor. On the job scale, she is my peer. I just called her that because she did take on a supervisory role most of the time. All that changed yesterday when it was announced that she is now my actual supervisor. It's a good thing and I am excited. Now my former boss will only have 5 people under her unstead of 15. And the 15 are divided among 3 new operations managers, my boss being their manager. So, it's a good thing but the phone team isn't particularily happy because their new manager will be the new guy that is escentially replacing me. I think it's good as he will be in my old cube (For now) and will be on the floor, accessible to all and eyes and ears to all. I am hoping he is a good mix of assertiveness and openness. Time will tell.

New Girl was still gone yesterday and no one had heard if she was released from the hospital yet or not. And we don't know either if she will be on bed rest or not either. But if she is, we will hire a temp and that should help us out immensely. I was working on New Girl's stuff yesterday and found a big mess. I think she hasn't been careful and still doesn't know her job, but just doesn't think to ask. Oh! And my boss told me that some banker had called her to complain about me. It seems he had some kind of system worked out with New Girl and she wasn't to call him for stuff because of their system. But I called him and he got mad. Oh, excuse me for living Mister! Sorry that I can't read minds and didn't know that you and New Girl had a system! Sheesh! Some people's kids.
The other night, Bob and I were talking and something he said made me laugh so hard. He laughs when I laugh. He loves it. Then he wheeled over to me and said, "You are so adorable!" It was the best feeling.
Is everyone on the internet pregnant? I just found out that Sundry is pregnant. Amalah is pregnant and so is MsZoot. Shesh! If there is something in the water, I wish it would find its way over here.
Well, I looked at the van. It's so nice! It looks brand new. It's a 1993 Ford Aerostar. It has a little over 16,000 miles on it. I got to drive it and it drives really well. It's perfect and exactally what we are looking for. They are asking $6000 for it. We don't have it. I checked out the blue book value and it's listed as just under $2000. But I think the lift adds the extra $4000. The people said that because of the low mileage, people have tried to buy it from them, but they didn't want to sell to just anyone. They wanted to sell to someone who needed it for what it was intended to be used for. Man, I wish we had an extra $6000 laying around. These people were super nice. It used to belong to the woman's father's cousin or brother? Can't remember. But he used it and then had a stroke soon after they bought it. So his wife used it a bit and then gave it to the woman's dad. And he used it a bit but now has Alzheimer's so it mostly sat in a garage. They replaced the starter, but other than that, it's good to go. Check it out!

So, I don't know what we'll do now. One of Bob's friends offered to front him a couple hundred bucks to fix up his truck so we could sell that and pay it off...but I don't think we could sell it for enough to pay it off AND get the van. But we may be able to sell it, pay it off and get a new loan for the van. Although I've heard a lot of places won't give you a loan for a used vehicle, so we don't know.

We DID get our state tax return directly deposited into our bank account yesterday! That was FAST! Only 4 business days...amazing. But it's gone. Bills ate that one up. The Federal is going towards my computer for school and maybe tires for my car...we'll see, depending on what kind of deal I can get on a computer.

So, that's it. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing laundry and now, Bob and I are going to the grocery store.

If you think of it...say a little prayer on our behalf re: the van, OK? Thanks!

3:27 p.m. - Saturday, Feb. 26, 2005


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