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A Lot Happened Since Yesterday

So much to tell you.

Our federal tax return has hit our bank. Oooh! New computer, here I come! Also, new tires for my car. And maybe new glasses.

Still haven't heard if we can get the van and take it for inspection. It seems that's not a popular option. So, still waiting.

But gas is $2.09/gallon for regular! It went from $1.85 to $2.09! Can't beleive it. Another reason for me to walk to work.

OK. Here's the big news. I had my review yesterday. It was oh so good. My boss loves me. It's times like this that working your butt off is good. Out of a department where people are getting...maybe...2%-3% raises, I am getting a 5% raise! I am making about a $1 more an hour now! Starting with my next pay check. If I had stayed in the job team I was in, I would be at the very top of that job family and probably would not get a raise next year. But because I am now at the bottom of our new job family, I can learn new stuff and get my raise again next year! Whoot! The only thing is that my title is small. I'm a data processor 1. And next year after my raise, I'll be a data processor 2. So, it's a big raise and small title...and that's OK with me.

I'm still mad at the Bachelorette. All those guys, all that time and Jenn didn't pick anyone! Why did I even invest time in that show? It's a show about nothing! What will it take for Jenn to find love? She had a hand in picking every single one of those men and she didn't feel a spark with any of them? I think she is weird. From now on, the Bachelor/ette is forever scratched off my viewing list though. The only couples still together are Mary and the fisherman guy and Trista and Ryan.

Anyway. The high today is supposed to be 38, tomorrow is supposed to be 40 and Sunday, 45-48! Yay! Good walking weather.

Today we are having an Italian dinner catered in by my boss's boss. The boss's boss is in California and he doesn't know a thing about what we do or how hard we work. My boss was talking about how she probably won't get a raise at all because her boss has no clue how hard she works or what she does for her department. So sad and if that were me...I'd think about moving on. Not that I want to lose my boss, because I don't. I like my boss. But I think she does need to be compensated for all she's done.

OH! And I found out that New Girl wasn't talked to the other day because it was saved for her review yesterday. I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall during that review! Actually, I am so nosey that I would love to be in on all of them.

Because my body doesn't know how else to stress me out, it decided my period should come a day early. So, it started yesterday and when I counted 28 days from then, the next one is due on the 31st. Great! 2 periods in one month. Couldn't get better than that, huh? But it does! Um... if you are a family member or close friend, you might want to stop reading now. Here's the deal. Ever since I lost most of this weight, I have had to change how I...go pee. I used to sit and pee. Now, for some reason, I have to sit, adjust, adjust again, and move around. Otherwise the pee goes in places it never went before. Anyone know what is up with this? Why this would be happening? It makes for messy bathroom breaks if I'm not careful. I am careful ALL the time and sometimes it's still not careful enough. This is a side effect I did not expect and am still not used to.

6:01 a.m. - Friday, Mar. 04, 2005


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