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A Disappointing Discovery.

The van isn't going to work. We drove up to meet the sellers, switched vehicles, got the van home and were happy it fit in our garage. But once Bob brought his chair down, it quickly became apparent that it wasn't going to work. The lift is too short and the van too small for his chair. The people that originally bought it only had a manual chair, not an electric one. We were so disappointed. Bob liked the van so much. So, we aren't even going to take it for the inspection. Bob will just take it back to the sellers tonight and tell them thank you but no. I just can't tell you how disappointed we are.

BUT! We do have a bid in on a wheelchair accessible van being auctioned off by the state. The auction ends at noon and the bidding is quite hot. Bob is watching it and will watch it to the last minute. There are 6 vans being auctioned off. They are all full size, 15 passenger vans...much bigger than what is in our garage right now. I doubt it would fit in our garage though. So I don't know that it's super practical, but it's apparent that Bob needs something especially with school starting at the end of the month. Arrrggg! This is starting to agrivate me. I can't wait for some kind of resolution. If the auction doesn't work out...we are back at square one and it's so disheartening. Bob really needs this and if we can't get something for around $6000, I don't know what we're going to do.

Tonight is my workout with the bariatric exercise physiologist. Yay!

Things at work are getting steadily busier. Yesterday my coworker and I had to do all the deposits ourselves as New Girl wasn't there again. We had over 125 transactions to process and enter and it took us until 3:30 to enter and balance everything when it usually takes us until noon to get it done. BUT a temp started yesterday and once she is trained and up to speed, she will rock the casbah in helping us. Whoot! Plus, overtime! I am on my way to get me some right now.

5:43 a.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 08, 2005


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