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Still Waiting on That Blizzard

The Blizzard of '05 has petered out and is not really much of anything. Beginning Wednesday night, the weather fiends began telling us to prepare for the big snows a'coming Thursday night into Saturday morning.

Thursday afternoon/evening, no snow. Thursday night, no snow. Friday early morning, no snow. Finally, around 6am Friday morning, light blowing snow. It's now 11am and snow has all but stopped. Originally, they were forcasting 6-12 inches. Now they say 3-6 if that. Whoooooo! Although, to be fair, a few scant miles south of us, they do have 12 inches already and are expecting more. But we have next to nothing. I hate weather anticipation that doesn't pan out.

My cold is in full-blown head popping mode. I was in bed by 8 last night but slept crappily due to stuffy sinuses and difficulty breathing. Also, the occational dry throat cough. But I feel so crappy today. I feel as if I am floating through my work day, but my nose is dry and cracked due to the constant blowing and wiping. Bah.

I am very angry with our apartment management office. When we very first moved in, almost 3 years ago, we told them that we would be needing a handicap parking space. We were originally given a space very close to the door, but it's a regular space and kind of slender. When we get a van, we will be needing a wider space. There are 7 handicap spaces on our side of the garage. One of the 7 is actually being used by a handicapped person. The other 6 are just being used by regular people. When we began actively pursuing a van for Bob, we notified the office that we would need that space. Remember! They asked Bob to go down to the garage and write down the numbers of the handicapped spaces for them and they would get back to us. He did this 3 times! Have the given us the space? No. Now, our lease is up and they want us to sign a one year lease and noted in the lease is our current parking spot. I refuse to sign the lease with that space on it. I refuse to sign it until they give us the handicap space. Bob called the office yesterday to tell them about this and they basically told him to go blow himself. The manager actually told him to use the ones outside. He said he can't because of the snow and ice. So she told him that when we do get a van, we just need to pull it out of the space and THEN he can drive his chair into the van. Sure. That's a solution. So, I wrote a letter detailing our oddessy with trying to get this space. Noting that we rent the HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE apartment for god's sake. We are not asking for the moon. We are asking for an accessible space because my husband is handicapped. If I don't hear from the office manager by noon today, I am emailing the letter to her manager and to the ADA of our state. This is unacceptable. I would rather move than have them blow Bob off this way. We have never really had any complaint with where we live. In fact, other than this and living in a tiny place, we like it alot. Bob is afraid they will start treating us badly now by ignoring our maintenance issues and losing our rent checks. If they do, they have another thing coming. No one ignores my husband when he needs something, gosh darn it!

In other news, gas at our corner station was $2.19 when I got home from work last night and $1.99 when I left for work this morning. They are saying it could top $3.00 by this summer.

Today is a day to catch up on New Girl's paperwork. I hope she is suitably thankful when she finally gets her butt back in here.

Tomorrow is lunch at my favorite Chinese place with a friend to celebrate our birthdays. Mine was in December and hers was in February. Wheee! We're not too late. I hope I feel better though, because I couldn't taste General Tso's Chicken now if it came to me on fire. Stupid stuffy nasal cavities.

10:49 a.m. - Friday, Mar. 18, 2005


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