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Describing the Weekend

Well we did end up getting a little bit of snow on Friday. Only about 8 inches or so. They let us go a tiny bit early as work. I left at 4:30. I drove to P@p@ Murphy's and got a medium lite thin crust. The place was HOPPING. Apparently every other Tom, Dick and Harry had the same idea as I did. Who wants to cook in the middle of THE BLIZZARD OF '05? Not very many people from the looks of it. The truck got stuck in the parking lot. A very nice man helped me get it unstuck and I could only thank him profusely. Then I stopped by the video store and picked up a couple of movies and was very careful not to park in a dip or in too much snowy build-up.

On my way home, I dropped of the perscription for my old friend Celexa and asked the pharmasist what OTC would work best for my cold symptoms and she gave me Claratin and Sudaphed. I got home and Bob was sleeping. I popped the pizza in the oven and got the mail. In the mail was a lovely check. It seems that Bob went over our insurance company's perscription cap last year and this was a check paying us back for our overpayments. So nice!

While the pizza was cooking, the kids in our building stopped by with their baby brother. He is 4 months old now and SO CUTE! I zerberted his cheeks and he laughed and giggled and smiled. He is getting so big. They had to leave soon after arriving though as the timer went off, alerting me to my dinner being done.

Can I just say that P@p@ Murphy's lite thin crust pizza is THE BEST!?? And for only $5.99, it's quite the bargain. Bob woke up due to the tantalizing fragrence of pepperoni and had the added joy of finding his check.

The check came in handy. I've been needing tires for months now and we decided to use the majority of the check to get the tires.

On the news that night, they said we didn't get as much snow as was previously predicted, but the town where my Grandma lives got a record amount! The interestate between her town and the MN/SD border was closed for several hours because of all the snow that fell there. Wish we had gotten some of that. I miss big, school-closing snowfalls.

So, Saturday dawned bright and early and I got up and ran some errands. I stopped at the bank to deposit the check and get some quarters for laundry. I stopped at Cre@tive Kids Stuff to get a birthday present for my nephew. He's going to be 8 and I wanted to get him something fun. If you've never been to this store and you live in the Twin Cities, you MUST stop in. And during March, they have 20% all art toys and supplies. I can't say what I ended up getting him, but I think it's perfect. (His dad reads this site and I don't want to spoil the surprize:-))

After that, it was off to get tires. I got 4 good tires for under $300 and the guy even beat the quote I got off the internet by a whole dollar! Whoo! While the tires were going on, I shopped at T@rget. I got some Easter candy and some egg dying kits. Did you know that Reese's makes chocolate peanut butter eggs? So good!

Once the car was done, I stopped by home and dropped off the receipts, quarters and bags and took off to meet a friend for lunch. We met at a local Chinese buffet and had a great lunch and a better talk. She's doing well, though her job teaching special education to the North side middle school hoods is demanding and tough. But so is she and I'm proud to call her my friend.

After lunch, it was back to W@lgreens to pick up my Celexa and then back to the apartment to take a nap.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent napping and watching TV. Though Bob did do our laundry and I made some food for us for the rest of the week. I also made enough to take to a sick friend later on. That was fun. I cleaned out our fridge too and that was not so fun. Oh! And Bob and I decorated eggs. I never really did that growing up, though Bob did and he brought that fun activity into our marriage. We really had a ball. I plan on making devilled eggs and maybe some egg salad with it later on.

This next week at work may be stressful as one of the gals on my team is off for the week and it is beyond believe that New Girl will make an appearance. So it will just be me and Temp Girl and our boss and April 15th is coming up. Though I keep saying that and our business isn't building as much as it seemed to at this same time last year, so, who knows.

Most of the snow is already melting away and they are saying we should see temps in the 40's by Friday. So maybe this is the week to start walking to work.

2:45 p.m. - Sunday, Mar. 20, 2005


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