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Do you know what's embarassing? Trying to sneak some gas out of your nether regions only to have it become the loudest, sneakiest fart in all of history. At work. And then stink. At work. Yeah, that happened. To me. Yesterday. SO! Embarassing!

I met with my exercise physiologist last night. 2nd time in a month. And both times, my heart registered a mild arythmia just after exercising. But it seems fine when I'm at rest. She is concerned enough to contact my doctor but admits it's probably nothing.

I don't know what's going on with me, but I feel sick and icky again today. Achey, cold then too hot then cold again. Head. ACHES! Throat is tickly. Eyes are so heavy and head feels as though it's stuffed with cotton. Blah. Felt fine 2 days ago and now this again.

I was going to walk to work again today but because of the sick stuff I described above, I overslept and wasn't able to get ready in time to walk in. But it's a good thing since overtime has officially started and I will be working 10-12 hour days starting today. Whee! It comes at a good time since I got my raise and now my raise plus time and a half for overtime rocks my world.

Did I tell you that Bob got his parking spot? He did. Monday afternoon some guy moved his car from his spot to our spot and we moved into his spot. Funny thing, his car is all smashed to bits and doesn't start. He had to throw it in neutral and push it across the lane to our old spot. But thankfully, we have the handicap spot we needed and we got it with relatively little squeaking and sqwaking.

5:34 p.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2005


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