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The Robins Are Back!

We had a very nice Easter. We went to church and enjoyed the fellowship very much. I wore my new outfit and Bob kept saying how lovely I looked. Then, at church, he kept telling everyone how beautiful I looked and didn't they agree. It was embarassing and yet wonderful at the same time. I felt great.

We went to lunch and then went to visit Bob's friend in the nursing home. He was asleep the whole time, but his wife was there and we had a very nice visit with her. Then it was back home for naps and rest.

The rest of the evening, I spent making deviled eggs and egg salad. We colored 2 dozen eggs and that makes quite a bit of egg salad and deviled eggs.

I did notice, while watching TV, that Easter was advertised as a gift giving holiday. I found that extremely odd and kind of...commercial and offensive. I don't know about you, but when we were growing up, Easter only brought chocolate and jelly beans and for us, that was enough. What's the deal now with gifts. And not just stuffed bunnies and chicks. I saw advertisements for video games and bikes and computers. It's as though Madison Ave wants Easter to be the new Christmas! But you know what advertisement I didn't see? The Cadbury Easter Bunny ad. There are 2 I remember. One where there are a bunch of different animals trying out to be the easter bunny and one where the little kids are all saying "Thank you easter bunny! Boc boc!" I saw neither ad this year.

I walked to work this morning. It was 45 degrees, on its way to being 60! Tomorrow, 65! Spring is here, spring is here! I can't wait for it to green up and to see buds and flowers! Bob saw 2 robins yesterday. I was driving so I missed them, but the robins are back! Yay! The weatherman said we may even get our first thunderstorm this week. LOVE a good thunderstorm.

I am watching the pots I planted my tulips, daffodils and Crocuses. So far, no shoots, but I am keeping them watered and watching for signs of life. I LOVE Spring!

7:42 a.m. - Monday, Mar. 28, 2005


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