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Just in Time

This morning's walk was awesome! As I got ready for work this morning, I heard the guys on the radio talking about how, if you were planning on exercising outside today, this morning would be the perfect time since, as the day progressed, it would get cloudier, windier, cooler and might storm a bit. So I planned on walking to work. I did bring an umbrella, just in case.

When I stepped outside, I could see that it had recently rained as the streets and sidewalks were wet and glistening. But as I stepped out, I could smell the freshness of the day. It smelled so clean and beautiful. I could hear all the morning bird songs. A caccophony of tweets and trills and singing.

As I walked, 2 young sparrows dive bombed me. I looked to my left and saw their nest in a nearby tree. They needent have worried, I wasn't going to bother them or their nest. I only saw it because our trees don't have leaves on them yet.

Further along, a robin flew right in front of me and landed on the grass next to me and began hunting for worms. I said good morning to him and he just bobbed along beside me for a bit before striking gold with a big, fat, juicy worm and flying off to enjoy his breakfast.

The rest of my walk was just as nice. It was a little cool. The rising sun was playing behind the clouds and the colors across the sky were spectacular. I noticed that one neighbor has a bright red doghouse in their backyard, complete with Snoopy lying on the roof! I listened to my favorite morning radio show on my walkman and laughed along with them. I stopped at Caribou for a morning Chai and chatted with other patrons about the beautiful weather and how nice it is to see Spring. Then, it was the last leg of my walk to work. It felt and still feels so good.

I am still wearing the heart monitor. I went in to the doctor's office yesterday. There was some miscommunication at first. They weren't going to fit me with one. They were just going to schedule a stress test thing. But once we all got on the same page, it took FOREVER for a nurse to come in and fit me. An office visit that was supposed to take a quick 15 minutes ended up taking an hour and a half! But it's on and working, as far as I know. I keep a log for it too. Other than being kind of bulky and a pain, it's no big deal.

I went to exercise at the hospital with the rest of the bariatric group last night and that was fun. I like the 20-30 minutes afterwards where we all sit and talk about our surgical experiences. My exercise physiologist was happy to see the monitor. She apologized for "getting me into trouble." But I waived that off and said, "better safe than sorry."

Sleeping with the monitor proved to be nothing more than inconvenient.

Bob is going to pick me up at lunch time, drive me to the doctor's and I will drop the monitor and log off. Then, Bob will drive me home to pick up my car and I will drive back to work.

I am SO glad I got my walk in this morning. Right now, the skies to the Southwest are DARK and ominous. It looks like dusk. The rain is coming and it looks stormy. I made it to work just in time.

7:41 a.m. - Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2005


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