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Over Half a Week's Work in Just 2 Days!

2 days and already 25 hours logged in at work! Whoo hoo! Also, I got my paystub for the 15th already and can I just say that I love overtime? So timely. School orientation is the 20th and I need to plunk down $100 for fees and another Franklin for computer software. Thank God for overtime.

Thank God, too, for work for Bob. He got a call from the gas station across the alley today. Their regular guy didn't show up. Rumor has it he broke his hip. So they called Bob in a panic and he might end up with a couple of shifts a week out of this. We can use the cash. I'm a little nervous if Bob can do this, but he's excited and I think it will be good for him. Not to mention, good for our pocketbook.

I totally forgot to tell you what happened on Sunday. I awoke early Sunday morning, much to my frustration. We now have 2 services at church and since we go to the 2nd one at 10:30, we don't have to actually wake up until 9am on Sunday. But I was fully awake and alert by 7. So, I got up and watched TV. Around 7:30, the phone rang. Never a good thing on an early Sunday morning. Most people know we go to church. On my way to the phone, my brain synapsis were firing. Who could it be? Someone from church needing a ride? My parents calling to say goodbye from Bloomington? Could it be the dreaded call regarding a beloved soul who hasn't been well? Well, it was none of those.

I answered the phone and a woman asked for my husband. I said he was sleeping but I could take a message. She said that she would call back later. I was mystified. Who would call Bob, ask for him by his full name and then not leave a number with me so he could call back later? I thought maybe it was someone from the gas station and thought nothing of it.

A half hour later, this chick calls back and then asks me if Bob is my husband and is he a black man? Ummmm. No. I explain that he's a white guy in a wheelchair. She then says that some black guy has been calling her and her girlfriends and harassing them on the phone. He has given his name as my husband's full name. His number comes up on her caller ID from a local radio station, but when she called there, they claim to not know who she is asking for. I recommended that she call the police and maybe the phone company and she said those were her next calls. She thanked me and I hung up.

Later, when Bob was awake, I told him about this and now he is freaked out. He wants to know who is using his name to stalk and harass young women. It's probably just someone he went to school with. Or someone he met once that is just using his name at random. He expected the police to call but they never have. Weird, huh?

We have greening grass and buds on the trees! It is Spring! It's cloudy and rainy now, but we need the rain and it is going to warm up later in the week. I'm working too much this week to enjoy it, but can't wait until things slow down a bit.

Now I'm off to enjoy a rare evening at home alone and an early bedtime.

6:00 p.m. - Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2005


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