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The Day the Batteries Died

I am almost to my goal! My personal goal is $500 and I now have $340! You can help. As Sandy said in yesterday's comments section, every little bit helps and a lot of $5 donnations can help put me at goal. Thanks Sandy! And thanks to Sunny (Dawn), Jenn, Kris, SuAnn, Karen(Cosmic), Nina, Jennifer, Laura, Seth, Dad, Aunt Sharon, Helen, Mary, Cindy, and Brenda for your donations! I have until Monday, April 25th to make it. (And actually can still accept donations as late as May 31st if you need some time.) Help me and help the little babies! Here's the lowdown: On May first, Bob and I will be walking a 7-10 mile walk for the March of Dimes, because we are all about the babies. We will walk rain or shine and we walk for people like these families. We will be using our feet to give premature babies a hand.

Today in the U.S., 1 in every 8 babies will be born prematurely. Some of them won't survive, and others will have health problems that could last a lifetime. The funds we raise in WalkAmerica support research that saves babies' lives. The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality. Here's how you can help me to help The March of Dimes:
Sponsor My Walk
Tell a Friend
Sign up to Walk
here to pledge money to my walk. Thanks to everyone who helps out this very important cause.

Orientation was awesome! I now have my books, my student ID card, I've paid my fees, my computer is all approved and set up, and I am ready for my first class on Monday. I even had my first bookstore experience when I went to buy a copy of Microsoft Office. For the low, low special student price of $85+ tax! Whoot!

My first class is called Concepts of Commuication. It is 4 weeks long. Then we get a break and my next class is called Business Communication and it too is 4 weeks long with a week break. Then, my second semester starts and my next class will be Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Communication and that class is 6 weeks long. It goes on and on like this until December of 2006 when I will GRADUATE! I will be taking classes in Ethics, Journalism, Basic Web Design, Management, PR, and Publication. Whoo hoo!

I have my own student email account and an account with something they call Blackboard which is where announcements, assignments, and other school stuff is posted. I can also use blackboard to email assignments to the profs.

My first is assignment is due the first day of class. I have to select a magazine ad or TV ad and assess its use of language and nonverbal messages. As I read the particulars of the assignment, I thought, "Man this is HARD!" I hope I can do this.

Last night, when I got home from orientation, I fired up the laptop in order to load my new Office software and guess what? Someone in my apartment building has wifi and my computer picked it up and I was online without having to use our dial-up connection. When I further investigated the connection using my connection manager, I saw that there are acutally 4 wifi connections within range of my laptop, but 3 of the 4 have locks on them and my computer cannot access them at all. Wonder what is up with the people who have not locked their wifi connection? Did I use the free internet connection? You bet I did. I know, I know. But Bob was on our computer using the dial up and we can't both be on at the same time with dial up. So I was naughty.

I forgot to say that when I was at the eye doctor, he said my eyes are in overall good health and condition other than the needing of bi-focals. Just to say.

Today I had a rude awakening. My usual practice is to listen to FM107 from the time I get up in the morning, on my way to work and at my desk at work until Dr. Laura comes on at noon. I cannot abide Dr. Laura, so at noon I usually change channels to a music station for the rest of the day. Sometimes I pick Cities 97, other times I dial the local Christian station KTIS, but lately I've been in a nostalgic mood and have been listening to Mix 104.1, the local all 80's channel. Today I turned them on only to hear LoveFool and I KNOW that was NOT an 80's song. Then I heard a song I know was some 90's grunge theme. So I looked up their website and they have changed formats! They are now called JACK 104.1. They say they play the best of the 70's, 80's, 90's and today and we are to think of them as the shuffle feature on our i-pods. Yeah, right. I HATE when radio stations change format without notice. It's too jarring. Right now they are playing Hot Blooded. They did play Men at Work, Down Under and I love that song, but I haven't been loving JACK much today. Plus, who names a radio station JACK? Like you don't know JACK! Whatever. Stupid radio station.

I walked to work today and halfway there the batteries on my walkman died. Do you KNOW how boring and how much WORK it is to walk without a radio/CD player/tape player? Oh man, I couldn't WAIT to get to work this morning. I thought I would physically die before I got there I was so bored. And the last half of my walk is so boring. The first half is all residential and is filled with trees and grass and swamp and birds. The second half is all urban landscape and interstate traffic noise. Bah! I am going to call Bob and have him pick my up from work...unless I can find 2 triple A batteries before the end of the work day.

You know, I have to say I am bummed out at Target. I can no longer wear my favorite khakis and red long sleeve T-Shirt together. Why? Because I am mistaken for a Target employee when I forget and where this exact outfit to my local Target store. I am NOT an employee...just someone who happens to enjoy wear red shirts and khaki pants together on the same day she needs some shaving cream and nylons!

12:52 p.m. - Thursday, Apr. 21, 2005


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