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Whose Bright Idea Was It That I Go Back to School Anyway?

Yesterday I got out my syllibus and looked up my reading assignments for the week and then had a mild panic attack. I have an introduction and 4 chapters due by Monday. Plus a 2 page essay on the verbal and nonverbal communication of a magazine ad. What have I been doing all week? After I read the intro, chapters 1 & 2, AND the supplemental essay assigned, I got out my lovely new dayplanner and disected the next 4 weeks reading assignments by day so this never happens again. A semester's worth of class is pushed into 4 weeks and I CANNOT push 4 weeks of class assignments into 1 or 2 days.

I am kind of wigging over the assigment too. I haven't been in school for over 7 that right? 7 years since my last class? Seems like yesterday. Still, I feel like I can't remember anything. How do I write and essay? I know I need to use complete sentances and start with a thesis statement and then support that statement throughtout the essay...but how do I do that? I haven't even met this professor yet. I don't know what he wants me to do. I am freaking out. Last time I was in school I made the Dean's list all semesters but 1. I want to do as well here but I am too busy freaking out about my piddly 2 page essay right now. 2 pages, people. That's 6 freaking paragraphs and I can't think of a way to start it. I need to get this done by Sunday and it's intimidating the hell out of me. I hope the next year and a half won't be like this.

Next week I have 5 chapters of reading and 2 essays due. The following week, just 2 chapters and an essay. The final week of this class? 3 chapters, an essay, a final presentation AND an exam. This may be the death of me. Why did I want to do this again?

And poor Bob. The whole time I was reading, he would come into the room and start talking to me, expecting me to engage in his conversation. Instead, I either glared at him or shushed him. Yes, Communications the major may be what causes the death of communication in my marriage. Actually, we talked about it and I just have to let him know that I'm studying and how long I expect to study and then let him know when I'm done. And I have to be flexible and let him interrupt me as long as I don't let it distract me for too long.

So I ordered our mother's day presents. I can't disclose what they are because both of our mothers read this site pretty regularily, but they are great gifts! We love our mommies.

I took my mouse back to Target and ended up getting a mini optical mouse. My brother suggested, in comments yesterday, that I get a cordless mouse. I did want one, but there are 2 women in my class who each have one and last week the mice were interacting with each other's computers. They must have them set on the same frequency. So, in order to avoid that frustration, I just got the mini mouse. I comes with a retractable cord and a carrying case. It's so "mouse on the go" and I really like it. Nothing too bulky to pack up every week.

We got word yesterday that one of Bob's good friends has stomach/esophogal cancer. And it's bad. Bob is devestated. All of his friends from the "hood" have had bad things happen to them these past 5 years. His best friend died right before our wedding. His next best friend had a stroke and is paralyzed from the eyes down. He's still living, but he can't talk or sit up or move. Bob visits him as much as he can and still thinks of him as his best friend. But he misses fishing with him and just hanging out. This next friend is a good friend, but Bob hasn't seen much of him. He called him last night though and is making plans to go see him sometime soon.

1:04 p.m. - Friday, Apr. 29, 2005


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