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How Can It Be Thursday Already?

Is it Thursday night already? Where in the world did this week go? It's almost the weekend already.

Monday night I had my first Concepts of Communication class. It went really well. But MAN 6-10 is a long stinking time. I felt myself getting drowsy by 8:30 and by 10, the biggest thing I had to do was get home without falling asleep. Of course, by the time I got home, I was wide awake so didn't fall asleep until almost midnight.

I got to know some of the people in my class a little better. There is one guy in my class that I used to work with when I worked at the Billy Graham Association. He worked on the same project I did, but he didn't remember me. He's kind of odd. Last week, he kind of lamented that the money he spent on the required laptop could have been better spent on other an engagement ring. So, of course, I thought he was in a serious relationship, preparing for marriage. Imagine my surprise when, during his introduction, he then lamented his singleness. He said he was ready to meet THE ONE, settle down and get married but all that was standing in the way was actually not having a girl in his life. Duh.

Anyway, I like my class. I like my instructor and so far, I like my classmates. Other than the hours and the work, it's awesome! Hee.

Tuesday night I got a haircut. She cut off far more than I was ready for. But it grows back, so I guess it can't be too bad. It's my own fault. I showed her a photo of a hairstyle I liked, thinking she would use it as a guide. Turns out, she used it as absolute authority. I have to say she wasn't too impressed with my haircolor. Maybe it's the inch and a half of roots that are showing? Ya think?

After getting my haircut, I stopped by a new yarn shop called The Yarn Cafe. They were having an open house and the hosts of my favorite morning talk show were hosting. It was so much fun! They had baby alpacas and angora bunnies. They had champagne, cheese, chocolate, olives and veggies. There were HUNDREDS of people there and we all had such a great time! If you are in the west metro, near Bass Lake Rd and 494, stop in at the Yarn Cafe. There are no snobby knitters there! Just nice people willing to talk, laugh and share stories over some awesome coffee...or wine. I took pictures too, so if you wanna see, let me know and I'll either email you the link or, if enough people whine about it, I'll post it here.

Wednesday night was just a night of studying and hanging out, reconnecting with Bob.

Tonight was more studying, doing laundry, and catching up here.
Hey, what is the deal with cancer? Suddenly it is everywhere. My husband's friend Bill with the stomach/esophogus cancer, my supervisor's mother with Leukemia, a blogger I read regularly has written that her ovarian cancer, once in remission, is back, and a local reporter just announced her own fight with ovarian cancer. What an insidious theif that illness is. Stealing the best of a person. Stealing the best people from us. It is not fair.
The other day I was sitting in our recliner, surfing the net on my laptop and out of nowhere, my cat Maisey jumped up on me and cuddled in my lap. This is only worth noting because in the 3 years we've had this cat, she has NEVER done this to me. Ever. I reveled in all 3 minutes it lasted. She is my sassy, independent kitty and I've learned to let her be sassy and independent and take affection when and where I can get it from her. This was HUGE! It happened again last night in full sight of Bob and he about fell over. It was so cute.
This weekend is already full. Saturday is a wedding of a friend of ours. The wedding is at 10:30AM! There is no info on the reception. All the invitation says is that it's a MN reception and maps will be handed out at the ceremony. So, I guess we'll see what that's all about. I hope it's not an all day thing since I have homework to do. is already changing my life.

Sunday is church and Bob and I are the alter team on duty that morning. Plus it's mother's day. Man, being in church on Mother's day is the hardest fricking thing for me. I tear up just thinking about it, so I try not to. But our alter team duty ALWAYS falls on mother's day so I ALWAYS have to be there then. Unless I plan ahead and switch with someone. But we can't this month because we have other things going on the rest of the Sundays and this is our only free one. So, it's alter team duty on Mother's Day.
Today I was looking at myself in the mirror and I noticed that I have a neck now. I have a neck! And shoulders! And collar bones! The only thing is the top part of my body looks great. Thin, defined, normal. It's the bottom half of my body that gets me down. Mostly because it is heading that way itself. My thighs and tummy are so saggy and doughy. All I can say is thank God for clothes! And thank God for Bob. He loves me and still tells me how beautiful I am. Today he said that he thinks I'm more beautiful now than on the day he met me and he thought I was pretty hot stuff then. And then he said that he is glad I haven't lost my chest, even with all the weight lost. I told him they aren't smaller, just saggier. But he still likes 'em. Hee.
And that's my update. Hope I can keep up a little better. Maybe once school actually becomes routine. Then I can find a groove.

8:14 p.m. - Thursday, May. 05, 2005


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