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A Year Ago My Life Changed For the Better

This is me a year ago.

This is me today. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my bariatric surgery. One full year. What has happened in that one year?

I have lost a total of 125 lbs. My BMI has gone from 58 to 37. My midarm measurement has gone form 18 inches to 13 1/4 inches. My waist has gone from 51 1/2 inches to 44 1/2 inches. My hips have gone from 66 inches to 52 inches. I no longer have acid reflux, high blood pressure, swollen feet/ankles, sleep apnea symptoms, or shortness of breath. I have more energy, have gone down 6 to 7 dress sizes, 2 ring sizes, and 1 shoe size.

I am the picture of health. The only thing I need to change is to up my iron pill so I'm taking 2 a day instead of 1. But I'm not anemic...just low. So that's good. I don't need to go back to for a bariatric check up for another year. They have signed off on me as another success story. Yay!

I am adding something here that I want to get off my chest. Last night I was watching the 10:00 news and they did a story on a woman in her 40's who has a rare form of rectal cancer. At first they thought they got it all after surgery, radiation and chemo. But just one day before their family was to leave for a Hawaiian vacation, doctors told her it had spread, was inoperable and very agressive. They went to Hawaii anyway and celebrated their time as family. As I watched this wife and mother of three talk of hope and healing and faith and this insidious disease, I just began to sob. I HATE cancer. It must have come straight from the pit of hell. It takes the best and brightest of us at the most horrible moments ever! I just cried and cried. Bob came into the bedroom wondering what was going on. I cried on his shoulder for a bit and told him about this brave woman and her family and how horrible and unfair it was that they were going through this. He just held me and rocked me and let me cry it out. I don't know this woman or her family and yet their story so affected me. It made me so angry at the timing and unfairness and selfishness of Cancer. She has been on my mind off and on all day today. I hope her experience at the Mayo clinic tomorrow is hopefull and positive and filled with promise.

5:56 p.m. - Monday, May. 23, 2005


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