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Summer and the TV Watching is...Lame

Did anyone watch "Dancing With The (3rd Rate - C-List) Stars"? Last night? Oh my goodness! It was so cheesy, but also so very good. I really enjoyed watching Joey McIntyre and John O'Hurley. They were awesome! Evander Holyfield was a car bad you just cannot turn away. It was cheesy dancing goodness. Not as good, but still somewhat like watching a car wreck was Beauty and the Geek on UPN. Did you catch this brainchild from the mind of Ashton Kutcher? This one is better left on the shelf, in my opinion. Although it is humorously reminiscent of Jay Leno's Jay Walking segments on the Late Show. So if you find those segments funny, you may get a kick out of beautiful women coming up short when trying to answer gameshow-type questions about popular history or geeky guys blanking on questions about popular culture. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Something else that is very interesting to me is THIS article in Salon. Just as interesting to read are the letters said article inspired. If you can't take the time to read the article, here is a sum-up. The author, Neal Pollack, writes about how his 2-year old son has been acting up in pre-school. Apparently he's been biting (and drawing blood) and shoving rocks up his nose. After months of these displays, he has been asked to leave this school. Neal wrote an article basically blaming the school and his own financial circumstances for this situation. By his own admission, he and his wife cannot be tied down all summer to caring for this boy because of their jobs and work situations. It's a telling article of the "me-generation" and their proclivity towards thinking the world owes them a good life. Didn't this man ever once think that parenting IS hard work. It IS sacrifice. It IS doing what's best for your kids even if it hurts. Anyway, read it yourself and let me know what you think. Bloggers and journalers everywhere have been linking to it, so I'm sure you've seen and heard it all by now. It's just been sitting sour with me all day and I had to mention something about it.

Our weather has finally taken a turn for the better. I've been able to walk to work several days this week and have enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. Our tabby cat, Maisey has likewise enjoyed being outside on her lead. All the neighbor kids know her and enjoy petting her when she's out. She meows for them if she is out there and they are not. Little player.

Did I tell you that I got my wedding and engagement rings resized? I went from a 10 reg to an 8 slight and they came back super shiny. I find myself looking at them again, like I did when I first got engaged. They are so sparkly and pretty. And 2 sizes smaller!

Things are changing around work again. We are in the midst of adding a new annuity product to our line and that always shakes things up. Two people have left (one of them being Prima Donna) and we have posted New Girl's position on our job board. She has officially been gone for more than 12 weeks so we can legally post her position. Thank God. But all these openings mean more work for the rest of us. That's OK though. Things are normally slower this time of year so the extra work is actually good for me. But things feel a little tenuous here at Big Bank Co right now. Not sure if how it feels it a direct reflection of how things really are, but these days, you can't really count on anything. So I just do my best every day and go with the flow and hope I still have a job at the end of the day, month, summer, year.

Can you believe it's June already? This is the month I set for myself as a deadline. If I didn't get pregnant by June, I decided I would go and see my doctor and start the process to figure out why. So, I am going to make that appointment for the middle of the month. They will have to check out Bob as well. We are not going so far as to pursue IV or fertility treatment if it should come to that. We can't afford it and insurance doesn't cover it. If that turns out to be our only option to conceive, we will instead, pursue adoption. The costs are about the same and the odds of ending up with a child at the end are much better through adoption. Also, my work and the government will reimburse adoption expenses, so we're better over all going that route. Even if we do end up getting pregnant and carrying a baby full term, we would still like to adopt a child. It's just in our hearts to pursue. Anyway, it all starts with the doctor's appointment I have to make. Keep checking back for info on that.

I finished my first class a week and a half ago and so far the prof has only graded my first 2 papers. Since then, I've written 3 others and presented a final presentation. All of which have yet to be graded. I wonder when he has to have his final grades turned in? Anyway, my next class starts on Monday and I've been having a lot of problems getting into the reading and assignments. The class is called Business Communications, but it's mostly a grammar and English structure class. Most of my assignments for next week have to do with proofreading and making corrections. I also have to have a resume and cover letter done by then. No big. I have several copies of both on my computer, I just need to update them. Still, getting my reading done for this class is like pulling teeth. I have to make myself sit in a quiet room with no distractions and even then I find myself staring off into space rather than reading. It's. Just. So. Hard. Hopefully, it will pick up after I meet the instructor at the next class.
If you want to help support the Muscular Dystrophy Association in their quest for a cure for the over 40 different kinds of MD, click the Paypal link to the left and we will add your pledge to our MDA walk on June 18th. OR if you would rather help Mobility For Independence raise funds for assistive technology for people like Bob. Your pledge in this case would go directly to Bob's fundraising efforts for a handicapped accessible van. Email me if you have questions or need more info. Thanks!

12:59 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 02, 2005


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