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Making A Plan

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Over the weekend I tried on my wedding dress. It was the result of watching too many, "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" on Style network. My wedding dress is my favorite dress ever. It is now freakishly huge on me. I wish I could get it altered and wear it again to get married and photographed in my new, thinner body. It's just such a pretty dress.

Last night I was walking in the parking lot on my way into our apartment and I fell. I didn't trip or stumble. I just fell. Right there in the middle of the parking lot in front of everyone at the pool and everyone sitting on their balcony. What a dork. I skinned my knee and tore my newish CJ Banks khaki pants. I limped into the apartment, red from embarassment and feeling stupid. I took off my pants and looked at my knee. It was bloody and skinned and it hurt like hell. I cleaned it off as best I could and put on some shorts. I looked like a six-year old learning to rollerskate. Sheesh!

I saw my doctor this morning. I talked to her about fertility and ovulation and conception. We have a plan. I am to pick up some ovulation kits from the drug store and use them for the next 3 months. If they show that I'm not ovulating for 3 months, then I need to go back to my doctor's office. If I use the kits and find that I am ovulating, I need to use them to determine my fertile time and then do the uh-huh with Bob at that time. If I'm not pregnant in 6 months, then I will meet with my doctor and she will refer me and Bob to a fertility specialist who will determine if there is a physical problem. If there is a physical problem, we stop there and begin the adoption process. That's the plan.

Libraries are the bomb. I put all of Janet Evanovich's books on tape on hold. When they come in and are ready for check-out, they will email me. I get to listen to my newest favorite author and don't pay a penny for the privilege. Rock on.

5:00 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 09, 2005


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