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Saturday Recap

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Today was long but fun. It started with me getting up around 8. I still have a hard time really sleeping in on weekends anymore. I got up and made crockpot sloppy joes. So yummy. I tried to get into my homework but kept getting distracted. So I took a shower and got dressed and took off for our local library. When I was in college the first time, I always found it easier to study at the library than in my dorm room for the same reasons I found today. Instead of sitting down and getting into the studies, I find myself wanting to wash the dishes and clean up the apartment. Ummm and Bob had some ideas of how to spend out time this morning too.

Once I got to the library, I was also able to find the items I had on hold. I checked out 6 Stephanie Plum series books on tape. I also found out that our library has wifi! For free!

I found a table in the back, where it was quiet and set up my studies. I read 4 chapters, did the chapter reviews and then took 3 online quizzes on the chapters I read LAST week. I rocked the quizzes with 90% on all of them. While I was taking the quizzes, a guy came up to me and asked me where I got the laptop. I told him I bought it at Circuit City. He thought I had checked it out from the library and wanted it when I was done. Ummmmm, nope! It's mine. He walked away disappointed. But dude, there are so many computers and computer stations at the library! In fact, there were at least 4 empty chairs visible from where I was sitting.

After getting most of my studying done, I packed up, checked out my books on tape and headed for home. The mail lady was just leaving as I was coming in the door. I checked our mail with high hopes because I was expecting a refund check from my school. My financial aid covered all my school expenses and left quite a bit more for other expenses. So, we have money for my glasses, Bob's dentist, and some other incidentals.

Once I got into the door, Bob and I got ready to leave again. Our neice Brittany had her 13th birthday party open house and we were invited. I packed up the sloppy joes and we left.

We had to run some errands beforehand. Bob hates running errands. First stop was for gas, then we had to pick up some buns for the sloppy joes. Then it was off to the bank to deposit a check. Then, finally, we could take off. I fell asleep in the truck on the way. Nothing is better than sleeping in the car with the windows rolled down and warm summer breezes blowing your hair around. Feels so good.

We had a nice time at the open house. Our neice's birthday is really in February, but she wanted to celebrate it in the summer. It was also her golden birthday. I'm not sure if anyone outside of Minnesota knows what a golden birthday is. It's when the age you become falls on the date of the same number. So, Britt's birthday is on the 13th and she turned 13. We gave her some cash as a gift.

The best part of the day was seeing Britt's Mom's new baby horse. Her Arabian had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and he is all legs and sass. SO CUTE! He runs around the pen as if he were all that. So feisty too. I spent a lot of time with the horses today and had a nice talk with Britt's mom about their care and such. I've always wanted a horse and was so envious of her.

We stayed for about 2 hours. We took off and went to Bob's sister's house for a quick visit. We had something to drop off and were pleased they were home so we could drop it off and visit for a bit. I ended up leaving the left over sloppy joe stuff there as her 20 year old son had friends over and they would make quick work of it all.

After leaving there, we went to a campground down the road where another of Bob's sisters was camping with her family. We stayed there about a half an hour visiting and had a nice chat. Bob wasn't feeling so hot, so we left and headed for home.

Once we got home, we ended up booking our flight for our FL vacation in January. The cost of flights was going up and we wanted to get the best deal I think we ended up with a pretty good one. We have our housing taking care of for 7 full days and now our flights are paid for. We booked them on Sun Country because they had the best deal. Round trip, no stops for under $500 for the 2 of us. Not bad for a 10 day vacation in January. Now we just have to save for the car rental, the 3 days we will be staying on the beach at Daytona and spending money. We have about 6 months to do that and I think we can get'er done. So exciting!

The last thing I did tonight was research digital cameras. My Fuji died while I was in WI visiting my folks last month. The LCD won't show a display so I can't see what I'm doing. I tried to take pictures today at the open house, but nothing would upload to my computer. Arg! I wanted to show you the cute baby horse!

So I found a great deal at C1rcu1t C1ty and ended up purchasing it online to pick up at the store tomorrow! I will put my memory card in it to see if anything shows up. I sure hope something does because I had some great shots. The flash went off and it seemed to snap an image. I am going to send my old camera to Fugi to see what it would cost to fix it. If it's not too much, we will get it repaired to have on hand as a spare. I use my camera almost every day and really need to have one on hand that works. I am glad CC had the best price. After the fiasco we had trying to buy a laptop at Best Buy, I will not shop there anymore. Since CC gave us such a good deal and shopping experience with my laptop, I decided to try them again with the digital camera. Thankfully, they were having an online sale that ended today! My camera was $25 off and had free in-store pick up. So whoo hoo! And they still beat BB and Target by almost $40.

Tomorrow we are going to a benefit for Bob's friend who has cancer. This is the friend that is having such a hard time financially. We hope to make a big donation to his cause. It feels so cheap, but he needs the money. Wish we could just wave a magic wand and have him be cured. That would be better than all the money in the world.

10:32 p.m. - Saturday, Jun. 11, 2005


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