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I Got A New Camera!

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Well, my camera officially is dead. None of the pictures I took on Saturday turned out, so no photos of the cute little baby horse. Bummer, I know.

However, I have a brand new camera and I LOVE it! check it here. And I love Circuit City. I ordered and paid for my camera online and then went to the store to pick it up. When I got there, they told me it was $10 cheaper than the price I paid the night before because all their cameras went on sale Sunday! So they credited me $10! Whoot! This camera is the bomb. It's smaller, lighter, has more megapixals, and takes video with sound. I played with it all afternoon. We are going to send our old one in to see if it can be fixed and if so, what that might cost. It would be nice to have a backup should we need it again.

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL! I left the apartment to go to church and was amazed by the gorgeous weather. Sunny, bright, warm with a cool breeze - Ahhhhhh.

Church was good, as always. Got to see some people I usually don't see and the fellowship was nice. A friend of mine is considering gastric bypass surgery and asked me if she could set a time to come and talk to me about it. Of course! So we will be setting that up in the near future.

After church, I ran some errands, picked up the camera and some lunch and came home to Bob. We ate lunch and then took off for Bob's friend's benefit. We drove almost 2 hours and got to the bar where it was being held. It was PACKED! And it was smokey. Everyone was smoking. We weren't inside long before we realized we would do better outside. So we sat outside on a bench and visited. That was nice. We stayed about 45 minutes and then took off for home. A 2 hour drive there and back only to stay and visit for 45 minutes. But it was so good to see Bob's friends and spend some time chatting with them.

Once we got home, it was homework time for me. I didn't have much to do since I'd finished most of it at the library on Saturday. I got it done and then started some dinner. I made Mexican shells, Bob's new favorite.

Then it was early to bed. So, we had a busy weekend, but it was all good. I just wish I had a day off today to recoup from our weekend. But it's not to be. Today is a school day, the longest day of the week for me.

6:58 a.m. - Monday, Jun. 13, 2005


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