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Bob and I are walking tomorrow to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Our goal is $500 and we are just about $160 shy of that goal. Bob benefits directly from the resources the MDA provides. Please consider joining us in supporting the work of MDA by donating to our walk. To help, click this link. Thanks!
***************************************I've been feeling insecure lately. I feel like I look ugly, can't do anything right, and am just spinning my wheels. I know this will pass, but I hate these feelings.

I'm so glad it's Friday. Not that I will get a lot of rest this weekend. I won't. The walk is tomorrow, we have church on Sunday and I still have a buttload of homework to finish before Monday. I tried to get the majority of it finished before the weekend, but got distracted.

Yesterday, I was looking at a website for a local private adoption agency. We support them financially and have a relationship with them. However, if we went with them to adopt a child, it would cost us, minimum, $25,000. Yikes! Don't know where we would come up with that.

Later, I saw a program on surrogacy and thought that sounded interesting. Maybe I could be a surrogate for another family and make some money for adoption. I checked it out online and it looks like I would not be a good candidate for surrogacy since I have not had a child myself. Still, it is still interesting to read about.

I guess I should know more about my own body and ability to conceive before I do anything else. I am still waiting to use the ovulation testing supplies. The directions said to wait until the first day after the bleeding from my period stops. So, I am. I found a kit with 20 test strips. Man, that's a racket. There were highly recognized name brands that had 7 test strips for almost $20. This brand had 20 test strips for the same price. When faced with the choice, who would pick the 7 strips? Sheesh.

Here is a strange question. (Family might want to move along lest your sensibilities be offended.) I have veins in my left breast that stand out quite noticeably. Not all the time, just occasionally, but enough that it's noticeable. Is this something to be concerned about? This is a new phenomenon and I'm not sure what to think. Anyone?

6:46 a.m. - Friday, Jun. 17, 2005


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