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I Got New Glasses!

It was 88 degrees here today and oh so humid. Tomorrow is supposed to be 93! Yikes.

On the way home from work, I stopped at the library to pick up some items on hold and drop off some stuff I was done with. I LOVE our local library. Love it!

I stopped at the optomitrist just to see if either pair of glasses had come in yet. My sunglasses were in! Yay! Here is a photo of said sunglasses:

After that, I just came home to chill. I sat on the patio and had dinner. Bob wasn't home. He went to the hospital to visit his friends Jim and Bill. It's Jim's birthday today and he is usually in a nursing home, but his feeding tube had falled out and Bob stopped by to tell him happy birthday.

I had Maisey out on her lead and she was LOVING it outside.

When I finally had to bring her in, she got all pouty and sad.

Bob and I went for a drive and Thank God for air conditioning! We got a treat at DQ and then came home to pick up my car so we could both gas up and wash our vehicles. To gas up both cars cost us $57! Not counting the car washes. (We get those for free.)

We came home and I stopped by here to post. Just to be fair to both cats, here are a couple photos of our other cat Daisy. The first one is from this morning. She likes to burrow under the covers and be all covered up. Here she is peaking out from under the covers.

Here is Daisy behind the screen door. Up until yesterday, she was too afraid of the outdoors to venture out. But yesterday, we left the screen door open and she tentitively ventured outside and really enjoyed herself. For the most part, she stayed on the porch. But a couple of times, she did venture too far into the yard and on the neighbor's patio. Other than that, she was so good!

Not much else is going on. I ordered Janet Evanovich's Eleventh Stephanie Plum book from my online book club. This will be the first one I actually read. All the others I have listened to on books on tape. LOVE this series.

My new glasses should be in by Monday and I can't wait! I am happy with my new sunglasses, but I need my new glasses. Hope they come in by the end of the week.

It's been just over four weeks and I still don't have a grade for my first class. Not only that, but the instructor is now in Poland for...who knows how long. Arg!

So that's that. Happy hump day.

9:36 p.m. - Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2005


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