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Hot Enough For Ya?

I woke up late this morning because I forgot to set the alarm last night. Good thing Bob wasn't really sleeping and got me up. Too bad the water wasn't working when I went to take a shower. I flushed the toilet once and there was no water filling the tank. I checked the sink and water was just trickling out. Nada water from the shower. Not good when I was already running late for work. I did manage to wet my hair down, wash my face and brush my teeth. But barely. I called the apartment office and left a voicemail. Wouldn't you know it, just as I am leaving for work I hear the toilet tank filling with water. Yeah. Too little too late people!

The optomitrist's office chick called me today and my new glasses are in and will be ready for pick up tomorrow after 10am! Guess where I will be over my lunch hour? Wheeee! Hope they are OK. I'm a little nervous.

I got home from work tonight and no one was using the pool. No idea why. The temp at that time was 96 with a 70 degree dew point making the actual temp feel as through it were 105! Bob and I made tracks to the pool and enjoyed ourselves for about a half hour. It was heavenly. The water was warm and refreshing. Surprisingly, we were cold when we got out and even more so when we got into our chilly, air conditioned apartment. Brrrr. I actually put on sweats for the rest of the evening. But I still managed to enjoy a nicely chilled glass of white zin before bed time.

That's the extent of my excitement for today folks. I am a little worn out from all the swimming and hot weather. My bed is calling and I am on my way to answer its sweet, sweet song.

8:20 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 23, 2005


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