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New Specs

I got my new glasses! Whee! I took a bunch of photos and couldn't decide which one to post, so if you wanna see, you need to click the link and check them out at Snapfish. Scroll to the bottom of the album and there you will see the new specs. I really like the looks of them, but the progressive lenses sure take some getting used to. I feel a little sea sick this evening from the change.

Today was not as warm as yesterday and definitely not as humid, but it was still pretty hot out. Some morning storms went through south of here and straight line winds blew a bunch of trees down in New Prague, Lakeville and Farmington. The latter of which had to be declared a distaster area so aid could come in and clean up. Yet most of our area of the metro got little rain and had sunny skies almost all day.

Work was so hard today. Not the actual work itself, but staying there and working was hard. Most of my department was done for the day by noon and more people were gone by 3. By 4, it was just me and the people on the phone team. They almost had to nail me to my seat to keep me there until 5, but I made it. Not without complaining though. I am not that good of a person.

Tomorrow is my Grandma's 83rd birthday. I was going to drive down and see her, but I think I will be staying home and finishing my presentation for my last Business Comm class. Bob and I are driving to his parent's house on Sunday for the day and that is enough driving for one weekend. Plus gas prices just jumped up again to $2.25 and good gravy that's a lot of money! I did send my grandma a card though and I will call her.

It was the annual (maiden name) men family day at the ball game. My dad, my brother and both nephews went to Milwaukee to watch the Twins beat the Brewers at home. The game just started and there is no score. Still, it would be fun to be at the game. Bob and I are going to a Twins game in August. There is an award dinner for March of Dimes and since I was able to raise over $500 (Thanks to many of you!), I get free tix, free meal, and an award. Then we watch the game. Go Twins!

Don't forget to check out the specs and let me know what you think. Not that it matters, because I'm stuck with them. Have a great weekend!

7:22 p.m. - Friday, Jun. 24, 2005


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